Resumes, Video Courses, and Dreams

Well… I’ve been barely hanging on folks. It’s like, the second I pull myself out of a dark mood (depressing), I am savagely dragged back in.

Don’t I look nice? At our spring formal I wore this. It’s a long gown by Lane Bryant. The back dips down to 5 inches ABOVE my bra. The front allows no cleavage. There is a slit in the front that stops mid shin (wow huh?).

What’s my point? I was pretty covered. So much so I was wearing a tank top and long shorts underneath – just in case. (Kids like to reverse pants or up skirt people, dunno why) Covered.

I was told by multiple adults that I was dressed like a slut. Why? I wore the exact outfit to the pageant and some of the same people praised my “elegance.” I can’t really go into the details but suffice to say, people were upset at policy and I was an easy target.

Should parent’s talk to teachers like that? I spent 6 hours helping to decorate the dance. I spent another 4 to 5 chaperoning. I was actually covered, the dress wasn’t tight and when I offered to change? They muttered non committal things (Like that wasn’t necessary). I was just a convenient target. The end.

The students have been yelling, whining, disrespecting, acting a straight up fool for the past month. Teachers have overstepped boundaries, and when plainly told, “no,” without explanation (which is what they tell me to do in order to be a successful, no-nonsense teacher) I am “rude.” I’ve been dressed down by everyone. I’ve been mocked, I’ve been laughed at.

So I started to pack.

Let’s see, 50K in debt for school.

Money spent on Praxis 1, teaching license, credit renewals, school supplies for myself, school supplies for other people’s kids, trophies for kids…

ASWs, Meetings, State Standards (aka prove your worth or you’re fired) reports, write ups, 504 meetings, late night dances, football games, basketball games, volleyball games, baseball games, concerts, parades…

Then kids, 10-14 years of age can cuss at me? Adults who are professionals can just decide to take their bad days out on me just because? Community members disrespecting me and talking to me almost yelling, Rumors, disrespect, parents who cause me to change my cellphone number….

Sorry, all that stuff in the paragraph above combined with the other two… that’s above my pay grade.

“What are all of those boxes Mrs. G?”

“Well, when you leave a place, you take your stuff with you.”

*looks of disbelief from students*

When you treat people badly, they go. When you continually piss on all the good things that they do, and then ask you to prove why you matter, using the things that have been pissed upon; ITS TIME TO GO.

So I typed up my resume. Sent it off to my fantastic, smart, tech savvy, savant of a friend M and said, “Help me.”

It’s been 5 years folks. iPads did not exist for regular people at the time I got this job. I had my first gen 1 smart phone when I started this job. My students only had iPods when I started this job.

Technology has vastly changed in the past 5 years and so has the art of resume writing.

M graciously gifted me temporary access to his knowledge of resumes – sending me to watch video after informative video of how people today make themselves stand out.

Holy cow folks. It’s a lot more than, “I’m alive, I made it through school, this is my degree, experience, hire me please?”

Now you have to leave off references. People can now steal identities with your resume! What the cluck man?! (🐔🐓 <– chicken emojis)

You list achievements and memberships and it matters where you put each section of information depending on your level of experience.

It’s brutal.

But it looks good!

I have a tag line now, because that is a thing:  “A creative innovator in the educational industry, content integrator, and growth oriented, I am seeking an opportunity to engage students using my advanced skills, education, specialized training, and years of experience can be fully utilized.”

And a professional NEW un-stalker known phone number (and voicemail), email, and all that.

I think the course really helped me out. I think the resume is ready to send!

I know. Teaching anywhere will have its difficulties. I get that truly. I feel though, if I moved towards the city, any city, where people don’t have time for kids acting this way… Where maybe I will be treated as a professional…

I just feel it. It’s time to go, to my bones. Maybe I’m keeping someone from their dream job. Maybe there is someone fresher, more giving, more worthy of my kids. Maybe my dream job is just an upload and submit away.

Next week and on, we’ll see.

Dreams are worth a little discomfort, yes?


    1. afternoonofsundries

      Thank you! I briefly toyed with the idea of moving to Hawaii but beside milk being $6 a gallon, I’d have to afford to move to Hawaii… That I’m afraid I can’t afford 😦 such is life! But part of me thought, “It sure is beautiful there…”

      Liked by 1 person

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