The Brain Game II

If you’ve known me long, you are already familiar with The Brain Game that I have to play daily, for life.

However, something strange has happened.

I’ve gained weight. Let me explain the strangeness of this statement. My hair and my body have been stuck on an exact weight/ measurement for 5 years (before baby). It didn’t grow, it didn’t change. I walked miles to work, I ran, I jogged. Nothing changed.

My nails have been brittle during this time as well. Hormones being off, things don’t really work properly.

But my hair is growing. I’ve gained weight, my nails are actually long.

How strange it is to be out of this limbo. Why? Why now?

But I’ve been tripping, falling a bit. Very tired. Very, bone achingly tired. Not good.

So I scheduled an appointment. CDubs is just two, it’s time to stop breastfeeding. Time to start-up again. Tests, tests, scans, pills, drives to specialists and missing work.

So I went, the other week, it was time. Can’t put it off anymore, too many oddities.

She said my reflexes are slow (yeah, I noticed on the way down to the ground) which is worrisome. For now, I was to have a blood test and later, another test. The results of the blood test, I’d get soon. “No news is good news,” she said to me as I left.

Perhaps then, you’ll understand my tingle of fear when I saw a white envelope, hospital grade with light blue print, confirming a letter had arrived from my doctor.

Test Results. News.

“While we still need to run one more test from your home hospital, which is very important, it seems your levels (edit: of prolactin) are at 25% above normal. Considering they were 98% before pregnancy, that you are not on any medications presently, and that you are in fact breastfeeding now, this 25% is normal (for someone breastfeeding). No MRI is needed. No medicines are needed at  this time. Depending on second test’s outcome, see you in 6 months.”

It’s quite, shocking.

It’s like the tumor isn’t there folks. I mean it’s there, gotta keep my end of the bargain. But it’s not messing with my brain.

No MRIs for now. No horrible little pills that make me sick. Normal hormone production, for the first time in a long time!

It’s like it’s not there!

God is Good! Look what He did!

(I’ll set up the test soon, I promise)

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