If We Were Having Drinks: Catching Up Edition


The whole drinking coffee and or drinks concept was started by Parttimemonster. Genius! Check it out!

If we were having drinks, mine would have to be peppermint herbal tea; because I’m trying to dry up my milk supply. CDubs has refused the boob or once latched, pushed it away like it’s not at all necessary. While I’m happy and a bit sad (he’s growing up!), mostly I’m in pain and trying not to overflow my Bamboobies (absorbent pads you put in your bra to absorb milk spillage).

After that possible TMI, I’d move onto:

In the past 3 weeks I’ve been to the beach for an A+ Schools training (not even 24hrs there though), I’ve been to Carowinds Festival of Music, and I’ve got another trip planned for next Thursday. Band teachers are busy folk.

On one of my trips, I received a call that CDubs had his first for real accident at daycare:


Standing on the Sit and Spin. Obviously, the name implies he was doing the wrong thing. He busted his pretty lips, but remained in good spirits. I couldn’t give him kisses, being so far away, and that made me sad!

Especially because afterwards, he ingested two peanut butter crackers and proceeded to behave with a textbook allergic reaction. Being a teacher and having a student with SEVERE life threatening allergies (but doesn’t act like it, that child flirts with danger), I knew the symptoms and pushed for the emergency room. It took them 4 to 5 hours to be seen and by then the extra facial swelling, the redness, the telling behaviors passed.

No more Peanut Butter for you, Bub!

I would then talk about the ever needed:

I mean, look at that mop! It was getting in his eyes and wouldn’t stay parted or anything! We looked around until we found a stylist through a band director friend who has 3 kids. They love the stylist enough to have used her for years.

So we went:

And a couple of days later, so did I:

I really am happy… That’s my RBF l am afraid.

I love the outcome, to be sure!

Now Ry needs to be trimmed:

The beard stays, he says.

The most amazing thing from the past weeks was my Baptism. I wrote about my pre Baptism feelings in that post. I was afraid at first to share. Religion in general, isn’t a popular thing to have/ talk about nowadays. While that shouldn’t really matter, because it’s my religious beliefs and not yours (after all this is what I believe my immortal soul needs, that’s a big deal). All the same, even though I’ve come a long way, I still care about what my friends think of me.  While I know the act of Baptism itself, is not usually an offensive thing – it can be.

So even admitting I was being baptized, scared me. How many friends would I lose? They are like my family. Christianity as a whole has pretty unsavory ideas, along with some pretty wonderful ones. So I understand some people’s upset. I’ve got some too.

But let’s be real, we can still love everyone and have our own personal way to worship. Another thing, candidly, not everything in the Bible as we know it is applicable to today. I may be worth a certain number of goats, but I suggest you keep how many goats to yourself. Am-I-right?

Putting all that aside—
It was lovely. It took an act of God, truthfully, to find me a garment that would fit my height and width. I’m pretty large-  partly due to an endocrine issue – and partly because we’ve been eating like morons lately. Nothing against gastric bypass, but I need to stop this, I don’t want to lose the ability to be able to lose weight naturally.

Luckily, God and some helpers found me a 3X suit and a big gown. After hearing how I could risk flashing the entire congregation my goodies; I went for the suit.

I went and changed, the church took a lot of pictures (That I hope to see one day!), and it was time.

The water was in between lukewarm and cool, and it is decidedly odd to walk into a ceramic tiled box (room) fully dressed. It just was.

The first time down, there was a problem with my leg refusing to submerge. Why you ask?


Yes, I know myself well.

So I had to be baptized twice. The second time nothing floated up or slid out at a bad time.

Afterwards, I needed some help getting out of my suit. I felt completely invigorated, and strangely, like I had soaked in the tub for hours and scrubbed with a good loofah. Just felt clean. Which was amazing, I had told myself over and over, “Don’t expect to feel anything.” It doesn’t have to be all lights and magic moonbeams after all.

So here I am, baptized and learning more and more about God.

Y’all know I have a brain tumor that I have largely been ignoring. Bad Katherine. Well I went to the doctors and now I have to do all these tests, and such because I am a bad Katherine. Sigh. Just cause we like to pretend I’m normal, doesn’t make it so.

After some pretty basic tests, and promises of bigger tests, we took a bored CDubs to:

He built that, the little artist. I helped on the highest two, as per his request.

He had a lot of fun even though the museum is totally aimed towards 6+ for the most part. There were some areas just for him though:

And the rescue animals made him happy, he waved bye-bye at the “burds” before we left.

Ry loves aeronautics and astronautics. So I had to get them together on this capsule together.

We left tired and slightly teary, CDubs didn’t want to leave!

Fiona says I’ve been writing too long, and isn’t her fur pretty? Maybe I should go… Lol!

I’m having to blog on a different site, for school and to show I am “reflective in my practice.” I’m almost caught up, and should be more consistent on AoS in the near future!

Much love!

Is CDubs too cute? He’s always gracing my Instagram below if you want to see more museum, Carowinds and daily business photos! We’ve got a Twitter and FB too! 



      1. dragonflylady77

        I went to London for 3 days in May 2009, leaving my still breastfeeding 19m old son with my mum. I was worried about him and forgot that my boobs would feel like huge and sore and OMG I ended up stopping at the supermarket at 10pm to get a cabbage and they only had tiny ones so I had a patchwork of tiny leaves in my bra for the weekend…
        You change them when they are wilted, so a couple of times a day (or something) and it really does help.

        Liked by 1 person

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