Valentine’s Day Reunion part 1

A blogger I enjoy as not only a human being but as a good bloggy friend! Warning, much of her works get steamy if not down right brown- chicken brown- cow. Personally… A little smut never hurt anyone…. 😉

DragonflyLady's Writey Ramblings

This is the start of something I wrote on Valentine’s Day. Then I started my course and haven’t really written anything since. But I’m feeling writey again and I wanted to share this bit with you. A teaser of sorts.

Sienna checked the time again, for the tenth time in about as many minutes – not that it would make Tim appear any faster– and sighed.

Her brother was always late, even on Valentine’s Day, and at the age of twenty-eight, it was very unlikely to change.

It had become their tradition that, if they were both single on Valentine’s Day or their birthdays, they would go out for dinner at Mr Wong’s Chinese Palace.

Tim wasn’t actually single but his lovely girlfriend Sasha was in Thailand on a work assignment for a travel magazine so he’d decided, with Sasha’s blessing, to take Sienna out for dinner.

Sienna had broken…

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