Religious Frequently?

I have been preoccupied with organized, (and sometimes) unorganized religion as of late. How God or Gods are perceived is fascinating. I am learning so much just by exploring what’s out there.

Lots of things come to mind when I think of what I’ve discovered. For instance, most of my friends do not have their religious preferences as apart of their profile page. There are people who blow up my feed every Sunday whose FB never mentions they love God, until Sunday.

Then there are the quietly religious. I have about 100ish friends, because I’ve limited my private FB to humans that I’ve actually met or interacted with in person (I’m crazy like that, lol). Of that 100, 8 have it listed they follow a mainstream-esk religion. How they post during the week is not overtly religious, but you can recognize the framework in actions, comments, and inspiring messages (that are not necessarily God centered, just decent, good advice centered thoughts and posts).

They make the others look like they are trying way to hard.

Then there are those I know, I KNOW grew up super-duper religious, and still, “practice” this same religion and religion is nowhere on their Facebook.

Now I feel your, “So?”

You’re right, so what lady?

Well, I’ve been thinking. Is religion a public thing or not? People go to church in public. Should it be anyone’s business what you are? Yeah, there are religions that are big on, “sharing the gospel,” but not so many people are sharing.

So is religion a deeply personal thing? Is it my business how or what you worship? Does my extended family need to know, or friends? You can just stay home a watch a church service, alone. Certainly. Does this signal  that religion is a personal private choice?

Think about it, we don’t share our cell number, our address, or work address with our FB friends; we don’t share our ages, but we sure do document the mess out of the perfect iced latte?

Or is that, the new form of God, A Tall, Iced, Carmel, Skinny Coffee with whipped cream and cinnamon?



  1. dragonflylady77

    Personally I don’t have a religion. I have friends that do. Sometimes they post what I refer to as ‘God things’ lol and I just scroll past, because while it’s not my thing it’s their wall and they can post what they want.
    I have less time for people who post nothing BUT ‘God things’ or try to convert you to their religion. I guess that’s why the ‘Hide’ function was invented. 😉

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