Copyright Infringement on Myself

Yup, it’s true, I’m plagiarizing myself – for an important cause.
In NC we have to be “reflective practitioners,” as in we reflect on our practice, of teaching. We take our lessons and teaching situations and we are to reflect on them. The idea is we learn from our mistakes or, we talk about what went really well.

“I can do this,” I thought, “I am an avid blogger!”

Oh, it’s not been so easy. Things have been ever-changing and busy. So I took notes here and there, lost papers, found papers, and lost them again.

I wrote about some of the big stuff on here. Which is actually a good thing.

Now I’m in the process of transferring  my scribbles to a separate blog. I am making it a little easier on myself by taking the school related, relevant posts off of WordPress and putting it on my teaching blog for my review.

The blog isn’t published yet, but it’s on Wix. My Band website is on Wix, so I like keeping them together. Puts me in the right mind frame when I type and it’s not blocked as a “third-party website,” like WordPress can be (depends on how you get in).

It will be called NC Teachers Are Reflective Practitioners. I will be editing it in the coming weeks, hoping to catch up to now! So, if you notice I’m in two places, and a Wix web blog called NC Teachers Are Reflective Practitioners, I’m just infringing on myself. It’s necessary.

Hopefully I’m not anywhere else!

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