To Hear, My Dear!

CDubs, my almost 2-year-old son has been sick recently. We had hoped it would pass, but alas fate felt it was time for:


After a nasty cold, we discovered his tubes from almost a year ago had fallen out. So it was no surprise to the general practitioner that once again, fluid had built up behind both eardrums complete with puss. (Sorry folks, gross but true)

We were referred to a local Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor immediately; no sense in delay, we’ve done this before with not so awesome results.

It was decided that his Adenoids (think nose tonsils then recoil at the image of such a thing) had to be removed, and tubes inserted again. (Love that kids friendly explanation)

With slightly more than a week to prepare, we readied our lessons for our absences and planned yummy and fund distractions.

You see, they want you to keep the poor mite awake as late as possible , but no food or liquids after midnight.

Doesn’t seem too bad, keep him up late, give him a bath, get him in as soon as surgery is open! Easy!

Except not. I received a call during my 5th grade class. I asked my class permission to answer the phone (they love to be consulted) and discovered his surgery  appointment was at 10AM!

I have to deny my son liquids for hours after he rises?

” Oh it’s simple,” they say, “put him to bed late.”

Do you even have a reference to what you are saying?! A toddler, staying up all night and sleeping in? That’s some Twilight Zone stuff right there.

But, it was decided. Pizza Inn, lots of spaghetti and cheese and lemonade, ball claw game, Wal-mart toy section browsing, new Disney movie, and rent Big Hero 6.

And boy did he win at the claw game!

At Walmart we rented Big Hero 6 from the Red Box and purchased Tangled. We indulged in toy isle viewing, and surveyed the electronics, books, and toddler clothing areas. It was only 7PM.

We went home, and created a cheese puff, gummy snack, cracker temptation plate and filled up his Ninja Turtle cup with toddler juice and watched “Tommy!” Aka Thomas the Tank Engine. Once his attention wavered, we played Big Hero 6.

(Screen Capture Big Hero 6)

CDubs was glued to the screen, giggling and gasping and watching intently to the very end. So were we, it’s an awesome movie. It ended at 8:45PM.

Then I mentioned the word. Yes the word:


That’s all it took. Sleepy no more, he climbed over pillows, pushed past block towers, navigated instrument cases to the stairs faster than the adults. He politely waited for us old folks to catch up, and he was swooped up into cradling arms to his bedroom.

Down to his diaper, he chose toys and bath tablets, tossing in things with glee, trying to climb in diaper and all – we spent another 35 minutes splashing and scrubbing him down. A cup of water sat on the tub edge, for extra hydration.

Shivering a bit, I wrapped him up in towels and put him in other big bed and nursed him into sleepy oblivion at 11:15PM

Surgery Day

It dawned bright and cheerful, and a cranky and hungry CDubs awoke at 7AM. 3 hours. He had 3 hours till  surgery and I couldn’t face him without 3 layers of clothing. There’s one thing he wants to do in the morning and that’s nurse!

So I took my time dressing, while Ry cued up Thomas. Nobody ate or drank, and we waited. CDubs pulled at my neckline, at first he was convinced it was a game. Then not so much.

We offered his claw game winnings and more Thomas until finally we gave him a basket and told him to fill it up for our trip.

Happily he did so, and he carried it out to the car. We arrived on time, CDubs stubbornly carting in his basket of balls and trucks, melting everyone’s hearts in a 800 ft radius.

He got changed into his gown:

And I’m struck with nostalgia:

and of course, worry. They kept saying, “3 hours,” and that he would be groggy and the IV would hurt. 3 hours! So long to be away from my mister!

However, little did I know it would take longer because the doctor ran off with the chart! As they frantically looked for it, CDubs became upset.

“Water!” Her forlornly called out, “Water, water, water!”

Which he couldn’t have. He kept rubbing his eyes and trying to pull at my shirt (he prefers his drink of choice: Dos Boobies). It’s hard to say no knowing he’s gone 10+ hours without food or liquids.

But I’m not an idiot, and I took the day off and I know money’s already tight. Must not give into baby cries!

Finally, after falling to sleep in my arms, the doctor appeared and was scolded by the staff.

Barely an hour later, a moaning baby was wheeled into the room, arm wrapped, IV attached. I could see his blood in the line.

I chose to focus on rubbing his back, and murmur silly mommy nonsense to him.

For the rest of the day, CDubs slept; only to wake up to nurse. It worried me, how much he slept, but because I could wake him up, he was okay.

He’s a little mucous filled, but I think he’s doing fine!


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