Quote Challange!

I am so very behind….I am blessed that people want to nominate me for things! Thank you all for the nominations, I’m trying to get to them!

Without further ado, bekitschig has challenged me to post 1-3 quotes a day whilst challanging others to do the same! I’m not sure I know who would enjoy/ not enjoy a quote challenge, so I formally charge anyone interested in quotes to share something that got you reciently. (Got you thinking, got you laughing, etc)

This one got me sighing:

Yup. Hate is possibly the easiest thing in the world to feel and capitalize on. I know I find myself blaming others, trying to get out of my emotional responsibilities. That righteous anger, I’m so much better, I did nothing wrong feeling. But I did, I do. Something I did caused that person to get angry, that friend to leave, my husband to raise his voice.*

Sure it’s easier to blame them for not being sensitive enough, caring enough, but it really is important to look at ourselves in the situation. Feeling something other than pain, than responsibility than knowing it’s over. If you hate them or they hate you, it’s not over. Hate means passion, a battle to win… Without hate, well.

Of course…. There are instances where hating I suppose has a place. Sometimes hatred is just that, but reflection is key. Understanding the whys…

Then, if they have done everything wrong, you can hate them with gusto knowing it wasn’t you!

Lol (okay not really)!


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*I am talking about instances where it really is my fault. There are people in this world, abusive people that absolutely nothing you’ve done it can do has caused them to abuse you. I do not condone or make excuses for those kinds of people. There is never an excuse to abuse, never.


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