If We Were Having Tea: First Week of February Edition

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If we were having tea, I would tell you, I’m thinking seriously on giving it up. Brewed herbs are one thing, peppermint in hot water is great for sore throats, but southern sweet tea… So bad for you folks!

So maybe, I’d exercise restraint and have flavored steamed milk via my Tate Street Coffee college days or perhaps a new favorite, hot coca.

I’d love to hear about your week, I get a little lonely here in the middle of nowhere. The holidays are so busy, I almost forget there are less friends here than I’d like. I have some good ones here though!

Recently, I was able to splurge a little in myself:

I lucked out on some Essie nail wraps, ELF lip tint, oil blotting wipes, ELF eyeshadow, and some lovely oatmeal soaps. If you don’t have a cheap place to splurge- I feel for you!

 I think, being that it is hard to escape consumerism for a United States American, I could spend more money somewhere else! At least here, if I am wise I get more for my money. Though the Essie wraps hardly stand up to dishwashing. Might be a school day kind of look instead!

Speaking of school, right now, a fellow teacher and I are rocking the A+ integration in this huge collaborative project:

For my non east cost USA folks, I pretty sure it’s been mentioned that the early USA had some not so awesome stuff gong on. Our founding settlers displaced Native American tribes, raped their Peoples and lands, introduced thousands of new diseases… Then down the road a bit decided slavery was legal. Even though we had a majority of races represented in government, free men who weren’t white, there was still enslavement of captive Africans, Native Americans, and Asians to name a few. While the majority of slave owners were free white men, there were free African, Asian, European, East Asian slave owners too.

The enslaved Africans though we’re certainly the majority, and the plantation owners were once again in the majority white.

On Sundays, slaves usually received the morning off to hear a white preacher or a proxy preach the Word of God. Well, the parts about obedience, servitude, and sacrifice. Some of the smarter slaves with the help of Abolitionists and freed slaves concocted many coded messages within songs and quilts that would give clues to those who were ready to escape to freedom. The masters, believing the spaces to be dull and uninspired thought the songs were sung at night and in the fields because the slaves were happy. Then two or three would be missing the next day.

So it’s been fun teaching this subject to our kids. We decoded Follow the Drinking Gourd and Swing Low Sweet Chariot and some classes briefly learned about Wade in the Water. Then, students wrote their own coded message songs, split into groups, and voted on the best. Using polyrhythms, students devised 3 separate rhythm patterns to play underneath the spoken/rapped/sung coded message song.

It went rather well! If you are curious, I have uploaded the video to my private YouTube account. (All students parents sign waivers that allow images and videos to be created. This video is and will be used for educational purposes. That doesn’t mean you cannot view it as well!)

There’s been talk of us presenting this to others, maybe at a conference? Could be exciting!


Besides being utterly adorable with his lovely accent and devilishly good looks, Luci (giggle) delivers. I enjoy being able to see some male eye candy without it being gross, and the ladies are not over the top naked all day long props that hang in certain shots. Don’t get me wrong, there is cleavage, there are threesomes (thankfully not scripted), and Luci is quite the hot item in the first 2 episodes. There is something very interesting about humanizing the idea of the devil.

It’s got me thinking, in the Bible all the bad guys are over the top evil to make sure we the reader despise them and favor the victors. If the devil Lucifer was an angel that fell because he wanted to be in charge, then how come suddenly he’d be into all the horrific nasty things we accredit to him? Did he fall and go mad or do people make him out worse just so he wouldn’t be worshipped?

Interesting, blasphemous thoughts to be sure. However, just like I can enjoy Harry Potter and realize he is not a construct of darkness, because in his fictional world he’s born with magic therefore it’s God’s plan (in that story); I can enjoy that the creators of Lucifer are toying with our cherished concepts of evil, to make money yes, in a fictional world.

I’m not going to answer the door to the anti-missionaries anytime soon. Promise.

Luci seems very interesting and I bet it ends up with some martyrdom. Yup, I can smell it. I can only hope that they don’t drag this one out for rating’s sake!

Anyway, watch it. Tell me what you think!

CDubs is just getting longer and longer! He’s now in 18-24 month clothes, transitioning into that 2-year-old toddler size. He’s still oh so very skinny, and is being very picky at home – I bet if I let him, he’d live off of gummy fruit snacks happily.

Other than his obsession with balls and trucks (and his need to line them up!), he’s counting to 3 consistently and can count to ten with help. He is also quite the singer and will sing the melodies to many different children’s songs – he’s working on the words!


I don’t usually go Gaga over the Super Bowl but knowing Lady Gaga was singing intrigued me. She is classically trained and yet, does such strange things! How would she sing the Star Spangled Banner? Purely or with a million unnecessary vocalizations that show off her range?

She did it beautifully, doing a pure beginning and in my music teacher filed opinion, tastefully vocalized her emotions at the end.

You can decide for yourself!

Lastly my week was enlightened by the Queen herself – Beyoncé. Well okay, not by her, but one of her followers.

I can really hear that well, sick, but I’ll be the first to admit it: I don’t understand the message in her new video/ song Formation. Yes, I recognized the visual elements – Deep South, New Orleans and various deep religious signals voodoo and otherwise, Katrina aftermath, Blue Ivey and her glorious hair natural and beautiful, a hooded, presumably black youth dancing in spite of the police – but what did it all mean?

I’m not sure. However, just cause I don’t get it, doesn’t mean it’s bad, or wrong, or any of the slew of negative feedback I witnessed online.

One supporter said something quite profound that just makes all the sense in the world, “If you don’t like/ understand it, it’s okay. It was not meant for you.”

I’m not some bougie white girl (slang complement of my students. Learned I was “On fleek,” recently and was educated by bemused 10 year olds), trying to defend my lack of knowledge. I just didn’t 100% understand it. (I’ll ask my 8th graders this week.)

That’s okay too. Just because I don’t understand it doesn’t make the video/song bad. This is truly a wonderful way of defusing ignorance without being over the top, on blast, they are so !!!!! About it.

Truly, all time awesome response. Shut down haters real quick, classy, non confrontational – perfect.

Now, I’ve told you about the latest bits and bobs. I am currently chugging Gatorade and chasing flu meds. Glorious tastes. I’m for bed my dears, thanks for allowing me to gab! How was your week?

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  1. dragonflylady77

    I hope you feel better soon!!
    I finally found a video of Gaga singing your national anthem on youtube, she did really well.
    I have not watched Beyoncé’s video. Haven’t watched Lucifer yet but I want to because I love Tom Ellis (since the TV show Miranda). ^_^
    We had Miss12’s birthday party yesterday, she loved her cake so yay me!
    My kids are gone back to their dad’s for the week, but we’re having dinner out tomorrow for Miss12’s actual birthday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      Tell Miss12 happiest of birthdays!! I’m sorry that link went down, no one should own the rights to the Star Spangled Banner (1.because it’s our anthem and 2. It’s way past the death and copyright laws!) but I guess it’s something weird with the station. I repaired it, with a new link, better late than never! I’ve never had the pleasure of watching Tom Ellis until now… And it’s niiiiiccce…. 😆 I hope you enjoy dinner out!!

      Liked by 1 person

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