He Said What?! (He Really Did!)

CDubs has been improving his vocabulary lately. He knows a couple of colors, can count to three, ask questions, make statements, demand things, cry at the hugely unfair bits in life (Like not getting a bouncy ball from the store; curse that overly enchanted adult who showed him how to work the gumball machines!), all sorts of expressive things. His second birthday is also coming up, which in daycare terms means: It’s time to go to the two-year old room  (Where there is baby sized toilets!).

Being that we are just months away from the anniversary of CDub’s birth, it seemed the right time for the two-year old teacher to approach us with the news.

It happened a couple of days ago at drop off, we had gotten CDubs out of his Oshkosh Jacket (thanks Uncles!) and minion hat and he toddled off to the eating tables with his morning snack.

“I was wondering if you guys have given any thought to CDubs visiting the two-year old room?”

“No,” we said, “we haven’t really. However, you are right, that birthday is sneaking up on us!”

I wasn’t sure CDubs was ready, this time last year CDubs was NOT ready for the one year old side, he wasn’t walking as well as the other kids, and he just didn’t seem to know when to say “no” or stand up for himself in situations.

Plus, the kids on the one year old side hit. I saw that multiple times. There is only so much a person can do, I get that. CDubs wasn’t on the level to hit back (no baby no!) or say, “he hit me,” or call for assistance. All he  knew was how to cry and say Dada.

So then, we asked for them to wait a month or two. It really helped.

CDubs has certainly caught up since then, but still,  I had to know.

“Do you think he’s ready? Like do you think he can hold his own?” I asked, genuinely wanting her opinion.

She says, “Let me put it to you this way. A couple of weeks ago Des and Jo were really upset about something. We tried  and failed to calm them down. They were just a crying and a carrying on. Finally, CDubs seemed to have had it with the noise and he walked up to them both and said, in a ‘give me a break’ tone, “Y’all, shut up,” and walked away.”

Like two fish, my husband gaped at her in shock and turned to see CDubs smiling mischievously at us both, as if to completely own up to this account we were just given.

Our baby boy, saying y’all?! 

Lol, no, I can joke now but we were actually quite upset he said, ‘shut up,’ simply because we don’t say shut up in our house. Not to each other and not to him. They assured me he most likely picked it up from another kid, but they taught CDubs to say “hush!” Or “Be quiet!” Which he immediately mimicked in response.

Flabbergasted, we gave permission and went out our way.

I thought hard. There is one being that is told to shut up in our house. Sometimes Ry gets aggravated with our black cat Evie, vocalist de meow, who will meow for 5 or more minutes straight. He has been known on more than one extended concert to holler at her to shut up.

Methinks, this might be a contributing factor.

Gotta be careful! Those little people love to repeat back what adults say!

I’d love to hear if anyone else’s children have said something unexpected, in public or not, and how you handled it at the time!

Oh buddy, so soon? Can’t you be my cuddle bug a bit longer?

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