Feeling Lonely Momma? You’re Not Alone! 

Tonight I was scrolling through my Facebook Feed when I came across this post by Kristen La Valley. The title said it all, “Are You Lonely, Momma?”

I found my mind clearing save one word, “Yes.”

I have great friends, lovely friends. I love my friends. But I moved. I’m outta there and I feel it. Just like that mom who said she was scrolling FB and saw people doing without her, I’ve gotten mad, jealous and then guilty at people who don’t deserve it.

It’s not their fault I moved away for work. It’s not their fault we are all in strange places in our lives. I wish I could say we all got perfect jobs and marriages by 25, a house and baby by 30. I do. It just doesn’t work like that anymore, if it ever did. (Darn you 50’s tv shows, even the Munsters were kind of perfect)

Though again, totally not their fault, I still feel left out. Then I feel guilt for feeling that way. Just as La Valley states in her article, and let me agree- It’s okay.

It’s okay to have feelings.

It’s okay if those feelings aren’t 100% perfect sunshine rainbow kitten infused joy beams that shoot from your face.

Yes, sometimes I stay at work an extra 45 minutes and play Jessie J instead of Raffi and prance around my office like a moron- my janitor can back me up on this.

It’s not cause I don’t love CDubs. I do!

When people nonchalantly text me, “Hey, wanna have a girl’s night?” I try to not answer immediately, desperately, “Yes, when, where, I’ll pay for drinks!”

It doesn’t make me a bad mother and it doesn’t make my friends bad friends.

It can be hard, like La Valley says, to find mommy friends. Harder if you are the only mom at the park and everyone else is a teen being, well a teen. Some of us live absolutely no where and there aren’t too many hang out options.

Just how I had always imagined me and a group of friends would obviously, obviously raise our kids together, take them to kiddy classes together there are real people who do that, and I wasn’t imagined as apart of that group. That’s okay too.

Though I don’t know the answer to what to do about gaining more mommy friends, I do know she’s right.

We have to cut everyone a little slack, including ourselves.

It’s hard being super awesome mommies with amazing super mommy powers. It is, and I bet everyone knows that, and loves us all the same.

Thanks guys for loving us even though you probably don’t want to hear about CDub’s latest blow out… I appreciate you for listening.

I also appreciate the crazy club pictures you post too, I’m saving them up for when your kids are the right age… Aunt Katherine is going to be so cool! (Hahaha!)

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