Won’t You Take a Bath?

(All vintage images from http://thegraphicsfairy.com/)


CDubs is acquiring quite the little vocabulary! Besides the usual dada and exclamations of excitement, he has learned a sentence or two, and things like boat, truck, car, and vroom!

His favorite word seems to be, as we approach the 2 year mark is, “No.”

“Time to go to bed buddy!”

“No.” CDubs walks away and plays with a truck.

“Time to change your diaper.”

“No.” CDubs continues to play with toys but slowly turns his body away from my disturbing presence.

Where did this little boy go:

Can I tell you what is the worst “No.” battle most days?

Heaven forbid we wash away that old macaroni and cheese with hotdog smell! To bury your nose in greasy, spaghetti encrusted locks of orange gold. To see blue twinkling eyes surrounded by brown smears of melted chocolate.

To know what your son ate at daycare that morning for breakfast, because he had melted strawberry Pop Tarts in his shoes that night.

Ah yes, toddlers smell divine.

I’ve bought toys.

I’ve bought hooded towels.

I’ve bought special soaps.
He has 1/2 the Octonaghts, various mechanical constructs (cars, planes, boats) that squirt water, water basketballs and a hoop, bath books…

Sometimes, that’s enough and he’ll tell me he wants to “Sit Down!” In the “Boah” tub.

But you know what has been 100% effective in catching the interest of Toddler CDubs? Where if you say, “Bath?” He runs, yes RUNS his adorable chubby legs to the stairs and starts to climb up, giggling, periodically turning to look back over his shoulder, to make sure you’re following? What makes him try to climb into the tub fully clothed?

These little puppies:

(Like how I glammed these up? They deserve the prettiest of filters for no lipstick or blouse has contributed more to my peace than these!)

Color bath drops. Specifically, Color Bath Dropz by Crayola. They come in primary colors (yellow, red, and blue) and you never need more than two to make the bath water a brilliant shade of, primary or secondary colors:

While yes, I added some lighting and stars to cover his anatomy, I feel CDubs does in fact imagine magical fun whenever he sees the water turn red, purple, green, blue or whatever we choose.

He gets to splash, and paint his belly with color droplets, shoot streams of color water on white tiles and be scrubbed clean with faintly colored wash cloths (rinses right out). No odor, no staining of skin, tub, or towels. Non toxic so when they are so inclined to drink the bath water (cause you know they will) you do not have to worry about the tablets at least (just every other ew factor of drinking bath water).

Bath time is now easy, a treat. For under $5.

He smells like a baby should, clean!

(I have not been paid to endorse this product.)

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