Though the title sounds perhaps overly, melodramatic, it is nerves the less true- I have once again over burdened myself.

Tomorrow from 2:30PM to 11:30PM I will be with 4 educators, 95 students and my son at a hockey game. We will be playing the national anthem and general stand tunes (Heeeyyyy Baby! I wanna knoooowww, if you will be my girlllllll?).

Sunday I will be skipping church to discover what clean clothes are, and reintroduce myself to the art of dishwashing.

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day and a gaggle (for there is no other word for the assemblage I shall introduce to the community) of band students may play at a rememberance ceremony.

Tuesday, a teacher workday to mark the end of the nine weeks, will be spent at a full day workshop. 

My grades are due Tuesday morning at 8:30AM. The last time I input grades was….. Midterms well before Christmas. Mind you its 4 weeks since then but, I have to tediously input 88 student grades ever so slowly on my ancient school lap top. The program we use doesn’t average correctly so I must double check my maths per semester and combine final averages. (Not to mention, we are not allowed to have a student average lower than a 50%. Even if they earn it.)

Smart people finished grades this week, last week, or actually have a 3 day weekend.

Smart people say, “hmm enrichment of small creatures, or self preservation?” and those smart people pick preservation.

I suppose as always, it shall be an adventure.

Talk to you all again Wednesday, and pray for me, send good juju,  send productivity fairies…. 

Oh, and lessons for next week.

Yes those.

Yes those have to be done too, don’t they?

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