All in Good Fun?

Yesterday, folks may have seen this quick post from me about the pageant. There maybe some confusion as to why I would even post such a thing, when all I had to say about the pageant was amazing things.

You may remember I was extremely flattered to find out that I “tied” for first place in the pageant. I did not win the cheer tie breaker. I was, and am, totally fine with that. Totally. I think again, I was mighty clear about that in my post.

However, on my behalf, many people were outraged. Some other people were upset about the 2nd and 3rd place winners and runner ups. Lots of questions were being tossed out.

So basically, Mrs. Z had a huge mess on her hands. Lots of what should and shouldn’t have happened, and who is and is not worthy floating about.

Come to find, the judges accidentally became confused during judging. Something didn’t add up right, and the winners may have not been the winners. Moreover I may not have actually tied for anything. Maybe last place? Maybe 4th?

I admit, it was exciting that people thought I could even get 1st. Exciting I was cheered for. Exciting no one booed my singing and exciting that my outfits were approved and cheered for (I’ve been working so hard to dress better!).

In the end though, I wasn’t mad. I’m not mad. What I have always stressed is that I am glad I went through with it. I am glad I didn’t back out. It was fun. Totally, completely fun.

If somehow the points had added up to me actually winning, do you think even with a cash prize, I would take that away from anyone?!


Do I care that I might have been dead last? Am I going to demand a recount?


That wasn’t the point of this event. We were getting up there to try to show how amazing we are. How we love ourselves. How big girls can still dress well and be pretty. That our size is not bigger than our talents. Sure, I paid to be in the pageant. I received my reward. The overwhelming support, the wonderful encouragement, the self-esteem boost I gave to others (and received!).

How lovely it was. Why would I even think to quibble over points? Why would I make anyone feel they didn’t deserve the trophy or the plaque that they received? What good does that do?

I admit, this taints the buzz a bit, all this negativity – and now it’s out there that the winners might not be or they might and la de da…

I offered to help Mrs.Z come up with a fool-proof scoring system for next year. We’ll get together a sheet no one can mess up! Then no one needs to feel any kind of anything about it.

Bah! We won because we did it! We did it and it was wonderful!


  1. honestme363

    I didn’t think you came across as any of those things…it was wonderful to read! Your enthusiasm for the whole event came out loud and clear! Congratulations! I am so happy you went out there and sang your heart out! On another note…poor Mrs Z must feel a little bit like Steve Harvey 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      Mrs. Z probably does feel that way, just a bit! I hope no one is giving her a hard time!

      I am glad I didn’t come across that way, I was approached by some people as if that would be my reaction. This is why I felt I had to clear things up yesterday, on my lunch break!

      Liked by 1 person

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