Voluptuous Goddess Pageant: Run Through/ Informational Meeting

I had a little trouble finding the venue for today’s run through. It was chilly today and wouldn’t you know it, no one leases buildings on holiday weekends? 

Huddled in coats and scarves, the coldest it’s been in weeks (which isn’t hard since it was 73° on Christmas), we awaited our fellow pageant mates.

  (The Pinterest image, artist unknown)

Okay it wasn’t snowing, but it was cold.

The fabulous Mrs. Z was waiting, hip hop music playing while we all waited for more Goddesses and Contestants to appear.

The Voluptuous Goddesses are a group of empowered plus sized women who educate others on positive body image. Some contestants were Goddesses and some were not.

Once a reasonable number arrived, business began. I missed the memo that we need to purchase contest tee shirts (like really, the email was not sent) to wear during the opening parade. Luckily my wallet was packed with checks due to it being rent paying time. 

Once purchased, people bought reduced price tickets for the show. Since the event is at 6:30PM-9:30PMish (give or take) CDubs will be tucked away- or cranky and wishing he were in bed. (Must ask Mrs. Z if I can bum a ride home Saturday) So loud music and such- no good. We decided we wouldn’t be buying any tickets.

This lead to the order of events. There would be an opening with a Plus Sized Vioalist (Plus Sized was the descriptor used), followed by a Goddess/ Contestant Parade:

  (MLP Series Still) (probably won’t be confetti)

Followed by some MCing and the Talent Portion:

  (Fanpop image) (Yes I can play the Cello, no I won’t be!)


Followed by Favorite Outfit (that shows your personality):

  (Image by Krazee Ozymandius)

Followed by a break in which to chow down hopefully:

         (MLP Series Still)


Concluded by a formal wear/ awarding winner portion:

  (Image found on Pinterest, artist unknown)

So we actually change 4 times instead of the 3 that I had originally expected. The formal wear was unexpected (to me being a non-pageant performing person).

After that small shock, I was greeted by another, I’m first. First contestant, first talent, first every darn thing.

 (Image: neodarkwing  @ deviantart)

Which is good and bad. I can’t psyche myself out too hard listening to the others. I can be judged harsher because there is no talent to be compared to.

That aside, I did enjoy practicing my walk, light socializing, and learning what happens when. I even had a good laugh about, once again, being the only white girl in the pageant- which really makes Mrs.Z happy.

I’m really not expecting to win, but I am expecting to have fun.

I think I will be singing My Funny Valentine the Ella Fitzgerald version, as simplified as possible. Ella was magical, and my voice just doesn’t do all that lyrical movement. I still will hit lots of notes, just not lots and lots of notes…. Lol!

I have down, I think the beginning:


Which is just the tip of the Oh-my-word-can-I-even-well-I-hit-the-notes-for-that-interval-well-maybe….. Iceberg.

I can do this. I keep picturing lots of people when I practice, my friends, students, coworkers, anyone who I’d be embarrassed to sing in front of. Which is mad, because I have a fine voice. I do. Kings will never weep at my feet but it’s just fine all the same.

Confidence is needed.

Mrs.Z though, helped:

You have already won. Most plus sized women are still afraid to show the world what they can do. You being on stage, bravely showing others that you love yourself, will encourage others to love themselves too.

Can’t say boo to that.

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