If We Were Having Drinks: Holiday Edition

It’s  been AWHILE since I’ve been on AoS, so I feel like we need to catch up! Grab a cuppa, coffee, or something decidedly stronger (no judgement here!) and let’s talk!

Oh yes, we’ve prepped. We hauled down our tree from the murky abyss that is our attic, and learned just how fun decorating a tree with a toddler TRULY is:

Can I say I had NO IDEA. He Undecorated the tree, tried to eat the lights, became distraught when we took the “shine balls” away and “no no no no no!” He didn’t want you to decorate without his help!

It looks great though, we have our festive wreaths up, our simple nativity (Jim Shore Carved, one piece no losing pieces!) out, ribbons, advent calendar, the works.

Then one day, CDubs noticed a candle wreath. He smiled so big and brought it to me, and said “hat” and put it none too gently on my head. It’s been placed on my head almost daily:

I feel like the ghost of Christmas present!

Evey year, our daycare offers a holiday photo shoot through a local small photography business. Last year, CDubs was adorable:

 (Couldn’t find my unhung copies)

So we figured, let’s pack another outfit, find out our day/ time, and see what cuteness can be created.

Oh man. The day before his shoot I’m home sick, washing his outfit for the next day. My phone goes off, “They took pictures today.” Ry texts.

What the world?! Today?

“You really have to see them, he hammed it up!”

But the sweater… Okay, well if they suck, I can be comforted in the knowledge that they took pictures on the WRONG day.

Except, he’s so adorable! Ten shots in all (4 of my favorites to show you) and I can’t pick a favorite:

He did such a cute job!

It was a pretty harrowing month, music wise. I have the most gifted group of 8th graders I’ve ever had. Sure they enjoy messing around and they are silly (I’ve been christened “Wonetta” or so they tell me. Not during school hours of course.); but they try.

So I figure…. Let’s go all out. Let’s get on grade level for the state. Most 8th grade bands are playing level 1.5 music by Christmas. Let’s do this.

I am insane.

I tell you,I dragged my 7th graders along, some were ready, most weren’t. 6th grade had their own fun set of etudes and carols to work through.

They worked though. They really hustled. Some were convinced I’d cancel the concert (yeah right), and some kids just sat there… but I’m telling you,  it sounded pretty good. I was quite proud.

As for the decorations, the new to us art teacher was a blessing. She decorated the mess out of that gym. It looked amazing.

Scant days later, it was parade time. Oh man. That didn’t go well. Well the prep didn’t. First it rained every blessed day we had an outside rehearsal. Then the flute lyres never came in. Then kids decided they weren’t coming. Some were late and I actually had to put my foot down and say, ” You’re late. No I’m not opening the school for you. No we aren’t calling someone to let you get your instrument. You forgot, you were late, these are the consequences.”

I’ve learned some important truths this year:

  1. Schedule to play easy songs. The most enthusiastic and present students are in the 6th grade. (I.e: 3 months of experience)
  2. It doesn’t matter what you tell the kids, they’ll tell their parents something different and blame you for all miscommunication.
  3. Don’t practice marching. Practice music.
  4. Don’t forget your whistle.

I’m planning this Spring, all the things I need for next year’s parade.

It was still a pretty good representation and we did well, in spite of it all.

My family came over for a visit this past weekend. It was a pretty good time, we visited and CDubs was spoiled with gifts. His grandparents showed him how to unwrap presents.

It’s all over. He’s brought me gifts daily, in hopes more awesome toys will appear. I just ask him to “clean up, clean up everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up everybody does their share.” And he puts them back under the tree.

My sister and I caught up a bit too, and that was nice.

Overall I’m feeling  pretty blessed. This year has been pretty good, despite all the negative things that have happened. Luckily, CDubs is going to have a very good Christmas due to parental planning and the generosity of others. Now we just have to make it through his is unfortunate sickness, CDubs has hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Once that clears up, we will all be sleeping easier!

I’m feeling rested my self and back into the blogging game. I’ve new graphics and I am thinking of a new intro for my videos. I hope to expand those this year.

I think I need to add some info about social media too…

Hope everyone has a great week! I’ll talk to you all again soon!

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