If We Were Having Drinks: Week Before Thanksgiving Edition

If we were having drinks, I think this week, I’d be drinking a spicy apple cider. It’s turned cold here, finally, and people are just now thinking of wrapping and faux snowflake decorations.



I went ahead and wrapped all of CDubs’s presents, all in one night! The big problem for us this year is the tree.

I got our tree at a Wal-Mart after the after Christmas Sale. It is a 7 foot, prelit tree with white lights. Fiona thinks it’s delicious.

We had the big tree last year and CDubs loved playing with ornaments and staring at the bulbs.

This year, our tree is in the attic. Our living area has become more cluttered due to a growing active boy. That and my eggplant colored bookshelf.

Now that we have window cat perches, we simply do not have a place to put a tree. Which means we will have to either bring out the 1st apartment tree (3 feet tall) or…. Decide if there is any other option this year. I’ve seen minimalistic trees… On the wall in green tape.

I dunno. I don’t think he remembers Christmas/ understands what’s going on until he’s going on 3…. I don’t remember the age of memory!

I’d tell you, the LDS boys are persistent in that they wanted to meet again. I felt bad breaking up with them (lol it felt like it!) over the phone. We spoke again and we told them flat-out, we aren’t looking to convert. They said they figured, but we asked good questions about Jesus. Even if their goal is still to encourage us to convert (very straight up about that), just talking about Jesus and suggesting Bible passages is enough. Things must be slow here for missionaries.

I’m asking about holy underwear next week (I’m just sayin, what up with the underwear? ), eternal wedding ceremonies, what the temple is really for, does God really have a wife, what about that passage saying God in the flesh got with Mary in the flesh…. And there was lots of flesh goin on (how was she still a virgin?) and how come doctrine has changed so much in the last 100 yrs.

I am not trying to be offensive but I’d need these answers if I were converting. I would.

It makes more sense than Scientology but still…

I am impressed with their dedication, they haven’t watched TV, played video games, or read manga in 2 YEARS. Wowee.

And don’t google “differences between Protestants and Mormons.” People can be downright disrespectful. That and there are more similarities than I thought.

Maybe that old friend of mine was right, I’m not a Christian. Some of theses things in religion are quite confusing.

Mormons aside, no one is visiting for Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is a bit sad, but offers some freedom in its own right. Christmas in PJs, all day, is appealing.

CDubs is getting pictures done at Daycare next Tuesday, and I can’t wait to add to the photo wall:

And I will have some sort of tree up Friday…. Somehow!
What about y’all? Anything happening next week?

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  1. readersandmore

    I absolutely love this.. Meme/talk, even though I can’t drink yet XD Sounds like quite a predicament with the Christmas tree. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a solution 🙂 Such adorable pictures! All next week I’m off from school for Thanksgiving/Fall break.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      Lucky! We have two days with kids, one without!

      I don’t drink alcohol anymore, it thins the blood, brain tumors…. It’s not a good mix 😉

      But I don’t like coffee really, tea is better but some people would rather have a Gatorade or water! So that’s why it’s drinks 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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