Varicose Veins

Oh my Gosh, Mrs. G!

Cover your legs, won’t you please?

I see a bunch of things I’d never see on TV!

They are blue, and black and you’re so white and so red!

It’s like I’m looking at the legs of the undead!

Oh no, what do you mean? 

Oh these, these squiggly looking things?

Why aren’t they covered, Mrs. G?!

Those offensive, imperfect little things?!

Oh my dear, what do you mean?

These just are, a map of where I’ve been:

I’ve stood and I’ve walked, and I’ve sat and I’ve talked.

I’ve learned and I’ve wept

And I’ve come to anger and I’ve slept.

I went to school, rode a bike, ran away, started fights.

Took some chances dared a dare,

Oh my God, I even dyed my hair!

I got piercings changed my looks,

Met a fella, dated some crooks.

Earned a job, fought to stay,

Took some time found my way.

Learned a lot of who I am,

Even met my one and only man.

Found a shadow in my brain,

Learned then, that life can change in a single day.

I worked real hard through lots of strife,

Married a man and became his wife.

Worked at a school just to know,

If I could help others learn change and grow

Took a chance and grew a life,
Though the doctors warned it wasn’t very wise.

Had my boy, my little man,

Went back to work and here I am.

You can’t say it isn’t grand,

I’ve lived my life, and taken stands.

This is one thing I’ll never agree,

To cover up on or be ashamed came to be:

The veins on my legs, are just a map where I’ve been.

Don’t you know can’t you see?

I earned these by simply being me.


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