Sharp Teeth in the Dark and The Girl in the Gingham Top

When I was a little girl, I lived in a two story house built in 1938. It was of no particular design because it was built from the foundation up by one man.


I enjoyed our house, but it was a little… Off.

There were only 2 closets in the entire house, and a room under the stairs (bigger that Harry’s to be sure). The bathroom had been out back in an outhouse, and the garage out back was built on top of an old kitchen and separate rooms. Once the 70’s hit, a bathroom and kitchen were placed over the old wraparound porch.

So I suppose it’s no surprise that when I was 12, I saw something odd.
I was getting ready to nap, I had stayed up late the night before and needed a rest. I climbed up into the top of my bunk bed and arranged the blankets for a nice nap. I sat up in the covers and was about to take my glasses off when I saw a little girl run through my bedroom into the bathroom- and not come out again.

She was young, with blond curls tied up into a high ponytail. She wore a pink gingham top with ties at each shoulder. She was barefoot and wire faded light shorts. I only saw her from the back.

I yelled for my mom who told me I must have dreamed it, even though I explained I hadn’t actually made it asleep yet. Ah well, I guess kids are always falling asleep.

I never saw her again.


In that same room, years earlier, when I slept on the bottom bunk, I had a more…. Unfortunate encounter.


I had gone to bed after my nightly routine, and slid into the bottom bunk. There, I turned on my right side facing the wall of the stairs. 
I close my eyes and put my palms together and started my prayers:

Now the day is over,
And I kneel beside my bed.
I ask you God to keep us safe,
Throughout the night ahead.

Then I would pray for my daddy and mommy and kitties…. So on.

For some reason, I decided to open my eyes after my prayers that night.

Before my eyes was a very large green face. It was furry, with hair that stood up and mingled with its pointed cat like ears. Big black almond eyes that took up a good portion of its face pointed to a long crooked nose. The worst though was the smile. To large and wide to be human stretched across its green face, white glistening spikes pointing up and down from corner to corner grinned back at me.

My eyes snapped shut and my mind and body went cold with pure fear. My very first ritual was born that day. I began to sing over and over the words to Jesus Loves Me.
When I had courage enough, I opened my eyes to see only the darkness of my room.

The story doesn’t stop there. When I was in my 20’s I was watching an episode of Paranormal State and I heard the head reviewer describe a sinister force that visited him once as a teen.

I think it was when the guy from Paranormal State described a green creature with pointed ears…. And that smile, that evil, cold to the core smile…. That’s when the blood drained from my face.

Someone else had seen him too.


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