Sharp Teeth in the Dark and The Girl in the Gingham Top

When I was a little girl, I lived in a two-story house built in 1938. It was of no particular design because it was built from the foundation up by one man.

I enjoyed our house, but it was a little… Off.

There were only 2 closets in the entire house, and a room under the stairs (bigger that Harry’s to be sure). The bathroom had been out back in an outhouse, and the garage out back was built on top of an old kitchen and separate rooms. Once the 70’s hit, a bathroom and kitchen were placed over the old wraparound porch.

So I suppose it’s no surprise that when I was 12, I saw something odd.

I was getting ready to nap, I had stayed up late the night before and needed a rest. I climbed up into the top of my bunk bed and arranged the blankets for a nice nap. I sat up in the covers and was about to take my glasses off when I saw a little girl run through my bedroom into the bathroom, and not come out again.

She was young, with blond curls tied up into a high pony tail. She wore a pink gingham top with ties at each shoulder. She was barefoot and wore blue faded light shorts that stopped far above her knees. I only saw her from the back.

I yelled for my mom, and told her what I saw. She told me I must have dreamt it, even though I explained I hadn’t actually made it asleep yet. Ah well, I guess kids are always falling asleep.

I never saw her again.


In that same room, years earlier, when I slept on the bottom bunk, I had a more…. Unfortunate encounter.

I had gone to bed after my nightly routine, and slid into the bottom bunk. There, I turned on my right side facing the wall of the stairs.

I closed my eyes and put my palms together and started my prayers:

Now the day is over,
And I kneel beside my bed.
I ask you God to keep us safe,
Throughout the night ahead.

Then I would pray for my daddy and mommy and kitties…. So on.

For some reason, I decided to open my eyes after my prayers that night.

Before my eyes was a very large green face. It was furry, with hair that stood up and mingled with its pointed cat-like ears. Big black almond eyes that took up a good portion of its face pointed to a long crooked nose. The worst though was the smile. Too large and wide to be human stretched across its green face, white glistening spikes pointing up and down from corner to corner grinned back at me.

My eyes snapped shut and my mind and body went cold with pure fear. My very first ritual was born that day. I began to sing over and over the words to Jesus Loves Me.

When I had courage enough, I opened my eyes to see only the darkness of my room.

The story doesn’t stop there. When I was in my 20’s I was watching an episode of Paranormal State and I heard the head reviewer describe a sinister force that visited him once as a teen.

I think it was when the guy from Paranormal State described a green creature with pointed ears…. And that smile, that evil, cold to the core smile…. That’s when the blood drained from my face.

Someone else had seen him too.



  1. Gary

    OK, so now I see where you ghost fascination has come from! I’m not sure which is scarier; the little girl (I have one of those in my short stories so might have a sinister bent there) or the green faced phantasm. Both are enough to make the hackles rise and that you recall it so vividly suggests it had a massive impact on you.

    Have you moved at all? Just a thought, because if it stays with the house then all well and good, but if its attaching to you then maybe not…or should I not have said that?

    Definite synergy today yes !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      Lol, it’s my parent’s house and I do not sleep over anymore! They don’t seem to notice anything. My father says I’m like his grandmother, she would have dreams about the future and they always came true. She was catholic, so many people were afraid her dreams came from a less than holy source. That and the family curse well, yeah there’s a fascination there. 😀 Thanks for reading!

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      1. Gary

        You have a family curse? How cool (from my perspective) is that! Sounds like you might be more in tune with things, or is that susceptible? I take it since you moved out that nothing else has happened? Although, if you visit do you ever stay over or actively try not to?

        So many questions… Although the girl in the dress….I could use that 🤔

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      2. afternoonofsundries

        It’s a sad curse, maybe I should of do a story on that sometime soon. I don’t know if I am in tune with things or if it’s just my unfortunate form OCD- the contamination disorder causes some of us to fixate in the supernatural a little too much… my parents still live there but I am married with my own family, so I do not live there any longer 🙂 I don’t stay because my mother is mentally ill and a hoarder. There is no where physically to sleep though she has plenty of rooms.

        Little creepy dress girls are not copyrighted- though I do use her in a more detailed story in the fall at school. You are welcome to her, lol!

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      3. Gary

        Gosh yes, you should. I find that sort of thing fascinating. Mind you, nowadays I’m finding writing prompts all over. Bit annoying that as I need to finish things elsewhere first. You have a very interesting story as a person if you don’t mind me saying.

        I understand the hoarding part too. My dad was very much like that making it impossible to stay over. It’s quite sad to see life deteriorating with nothing you can to do stop it or help.

        I will use creepy dress girl as a prompt lol. In fact there is a creepy girl in one of my stories later on that…well…spoilers….

        Liked by 1 person

      4. afternoonofsundries

        lol wonderful! The creepy girls need a purpose too!

        I am sad you can relate, and I worry for the day when my father is not there to try to care for her.

        I will do my best to make the curse into a story, with the actual curse at the bottom.

        Can’t wait to read more of your cool stories!

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      5. Gary

        They do indeed! In fact all good (or bad) characters need a purpose otherwise things get a bit flat and dull to read!

        Don’t be sad, it’s life. Some people get hit, some don’t. Unfortunately my mum had MND and after she passed away my dad just faded into a bad place and then gave up. Long time ago now, but still have moments. I draw a lot from that era into my writing at times. In fact the book that is proofed and waiting for a publisher is very much cathartic in that respect. Anyone in blog land seeing that is going to think “That’s not horror and ghosties!”

        Looking forward to seeing your story too now 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      6. afternoonofsundries

        Thank you for sharing that, even though it’s been awhile it doesn’t change that it happened (I’ve encountered people that feel like it should). Drawing from it and making it into something positive seems like a wonderful thing to do with it.

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      7. Gary

        I don’t often mention it oddly enough. But it does fuel a lot of psychology in my writing and maybe offers empathy to other people because things that touch emotion centres make one realise it’s not a pleasant thing for anyone to experience.

        You are right though, using it to enhance writing is very positive. Thank you for affirming that, I often forget!

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  2. actualconversationswithmyhusband

    Definitely creepy, and smart of you not to be sleeping there anymore! I sometimes think we’re most vulnerable just at that moment when we’re falling asleep, when our brain is switching gears. I know there have been a few times when I’ve heard something that wasn’t there, but that I didn’t imagine either.

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