Picnic in the Park

There is absolutely nothing more awesome than spending time with your loved ones.

We woke up late today, and got ready to go get some light groceries for the week (milk, juice, cheese, bread… the usual). As I walk outside, I take a deep breath and smell the very essence of NC fall (well off the coast fall). It’s slightly crisp, not cold enough for a jacket, it’s sunny, and the air smells of leaves and a bit of damp earth and wood smoke.

“We’re having a picnic at the park.” I blurt out dropping my stuff in the backseat of our little car. CDubs is leading his daddy on a merry chase around the car.

“Okay.” Says my husband, to my surprise.

I go back into the house and scoop up a diaper bag, a picnic cooler (from Ikea, it’s cute!), and lock the door back.

We make a quick stop for pre=made subs, kettle chips, Swiss Rolls (Hoho’s?), and a bologna Lunchable. At checkout, Ry grabs two Gingerales and I gossip quickly with an old staff member.

Off to the park. CDubs tears off, tiny form wobbling with excitement climbing and kind of running into things. It’s been at least two months since we last visited… Does he remember the fun?

Yes he does:

(I don’t want people using pictures of my son, forgive the awkward tags, I am trying to make the shots unappealing without destroying them)

I think he remembers the park. 2 hours of fun followed by 3 hours of sleep (He was stumbling tired but didn’t want to leave!).

Good day.

Now for lesson plans!



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