Hurricane Joaquin: We’re Doing Fine!

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This hurricane has been all over the news for awhile now; it has battered the Bahamas and this week set its eye on North America. Projections showed Hurricane Joaquin making landfall on the east coast of the United States or even Canada. 

Personally, I hoped for a ping ball type effect, shooting the storm towards the middle of the ocean, away from everyone. 

Not very realistic.

We found out Thursday night, Friday morning Joaquin was not making landfall in NC. I live 2 hours from the coast, so I was pretty thankful when I heard that. We were told, as it passed by, we’d have flooding, 8-12 inches of rainfall, flash floods, and wind.

I had no idea flooding and flash flooding were different. I should have focused more in Earth Sciences class in high school.

Where I live, there has been a lot of rain and wind and cold nights. We haven’t been flooded, and the power has, so far, been mostly consistent. We have been lucky. 

Due to the weather, my internet has been spotty. I’m not even sure this will post properly. (I might have to give it a couple of tries!) I of course, rather have no internet than flooding, but I wanted to account for my blogging absence.

We are safe. We are warm. I will post more as things clear up!


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