If We Were Having Drinks

This post type is all the rage nowadays! I do, generally, enjoy iced coffee but the turn of the weather changes my preferences. Right now, salted caramel hot coca is my thing on a chilly morning! That or, a nicely spiced cider hits the spot in a gray morning!

I love cold rainy weather, the kind of rain that beads down the orange and gold leaves and mists the air with that light smell of decomposing leaves and dirt. The weather that requires a scarf and smart ankle boots and thick socks.

Fall, Fall is my favorite time of year. The attics where I slept in my parents home was not well insulated, it was hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. Fall made that room livable, comfortable, with pattering a of rain hitting the shingles. In the Fall I could snuggle in my bed with a cat or two and read to my heart’s content. I dearly love books. Dearly.

I’ve been away from that little attic with its sloping ceiling for more than ten years and yet, Fall is still the best time of year.

I get such energy from it, almost like I am preparing for the winter, like some sort of squirrel. I have told Ry that I am not cleaning down stairs. I am done. All I do is come home and immediately kiss my boy and snag a cuddle and then wash dishes, clean the kitchen and cook dinner. They alternately watch tv and play. Then we eat and I clear away the dishes and save the food and they play some more. Then my son nurses a bit and we cuddle for 30 minutes and he’s off to bed.

I go to bed exhausted 45 minutes later with a fresh load of laundry I forgot I dried that morning.

It blows. So I stopped. Not cleaning, I need to clean. I can block out a messy home, give me an enthralling book, I’m good. However motherhood keeps me from books and escapism, which is fine. I want my son to grow up in a lovely home. So I’m on strike. I’ll clean up stairs, but if Ry wants a meal and a clean down stairs….

I want to play with my boy.

I’ve been hanging pictures lately, I’ve got a bunch in closets. I’ve been hard at work hanging canvases and pulling out old yard sale frames. Things are looking homey here. Finally. A little mismatched, to be sure but homey.

I’ve got to catch up next week with my students. Test Monday instead of this past Friday. I also plan to teach my older students about the elements of music. I found a foldable I like online. It’s not much but it’s different. It’s crafty.

I also am hoping to finish my office this week and order books. My computer was hacked and my school email was fished. Four years of email, gone. They stole templates, write ups, lesson plans, old reviews. Jokes on them. Nothing of monetary value.

Black market lesson plans are all the rage this Fall!

CDubs Is much better, no fever, coughing still, but full of little man energy! He is adding “stop” to his list of words and he is singing pieces of the ABCs when it suits him.

Overall my friends, this Fall is shaping up nicely. Thank you for sitting down with me over some tasty drinks! I appreciate sharing my sundries with you!



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