It’s Time to Go…

There are a number of ways I could write this: angry towards the loss and time devoted to this relationship, sad because there must have been something more I could have done,  unfeeling because I don’t need them anyway.

While these may or may not be true, I prefer to feel accountable. It wasn’t any one person’s fault; we’ve both let one another down numerous times. We’ve canceled and argued and vowed to avoid subjects. We’ve lied to spare feelings so many times. Maybe that last conversation was too forced. Maybe we’ve been trying to hard.

They say as we age, relationships drop away because it’s a natural thing. We all change and what we need or choose changes who we are. So do our friends.

So I remember those good things we did, how we were there for one another when we needed to be, and that now I only want good things for them.


28 thoughts on “It’s Time to Go…

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