PupCycledGSO: Thoughtful Pet Supplies for Modern Pups! 

Nestled in the heart of the historic section of one of North Carolina’s largest cities, is a company near and dear to my heart; PupcycledGSO.

PupcycledGSO is a handmade and up- cycled pet supply company that caters to the modern pup (and I have found, the decerning feline as well). Their mission is to provide stylish and well made products that look good and wear well. The owners, Drew and Matt are no strangers to what young and old dogs need and enjoy. Proud owners of two Dachshunds and a Shih Tzu ranging from 2 years to 10+, they know what dogs of all ages need to stay engaged and pampered!

Up-Cycling: Thoughtful Repurposing 

Drew and Matt are no strangers to up-cycling, their home is filled with beautiful examples of artful repurposing:


And beautiful repurposed artwork and frames:


It’s no surprise to me that this love of artistically repurposing has budded into a wonderful business.

PupCycled Up-Cycles!

Drew and Matt have a variety of up- cycled and repurposed pet beds for sale. They take vintage suitcases, clean them, match new fun fabrics to the suitcases’s color scheme, and create a luxurious place for pets to sleep, elevated on feet, no less!


Of course, the design depends on the case or what the customer requests:

Portable comfort that even the decerning feline can enjoy:


And fight over….


They don’t stop there either! Another awesome repurposed pet bed they offer is the sweater bed:

The sweater beds vary in size and color depending on what’s available.

Handmade Fun!

PupCycleGSO also offers a variety of rope toys woven out of super soft fleece. I’ve seen these pup toys in action, they are pretty stretchy for tug of wars but strong enough to take doggie noms! 


I’ve seen this toy up against another company’s version. It’s not as soft, the other is very stiff, and frankly looks cheap. These are a bargain too, priced under $10!

PupCycledGSO is also offering a Christmas themed bundle for the upcoming holiday season:


PupCycledGSO is On Its Way!

PupCycledGSO is still a small home based business.  PupCycled is just getting their feet wet with small trunk shows, and at festivals all around North Carolina. They do not have a website up yet. However, they do have a etsy page up and running! They also have a very active Instagram and Twitter @PupCycledGSO.

Please support small businesses and check out PupCycledGSO! You won’t be sorry!

If  you are in the Durham, NC Area October 4, 2015 there will be a huge pet event at 701 Stadium Dr. It’s called Woofstock and its from 12-4! Come out and visit!

I am very good friends with the owners of PupCycledGSO. I received a pet bed to test on my cats Evie and Fiona. We wanted to see if cats would also enjoy the comforts of these ingenious little beds. I am the one who offered to write a post freely without monetary gain about their company and beds. I really believe in my friends but I also want to assure you everything I’ve said is my own opinion.


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