Let’s Go to the Zoo

On Wednesday we received a wonderful call from our best friends M & D. M & D are not only our best friends but also the Godparents of CDubs! They called us, that Wednesday night, and ask us if we are doing anything during Labor Day Weekend. The plan was to visit and go to the stat Zoo. We were not busy at all, and we’re so very pleased to learn we were invited up for a visit!

We used to live in the area they live, their apartment complex is behind our Alma Matter! We hadn’t been in town for 4 years, and the city had been on a huge clean up, change their image kick. So we were excited to learn that we would see all of the changes!

We drove up Saturday morning, later than we planned. It was a gray morning and it looked like it was going to storm. We had originally said we would go to the Zoo that day.

We drive up to M & D’s apartment complex, which is actually inside a historic Mill. There are milling devices preserved throughout the building and a creepy Slinder Man type stone cellar in the basement.

Their apartment is lovely, I mean really, it is just decorated in such a pleasing way. They have 3 dogs two Dachshunds and 1 Shih Tzu all friendly and all loving them some toddler baby fun! Our little man was overwhelmed by their exuberance at first. (but by then end of the trip I saw him offering the pups animal crackers. Which everyone knows is the best way to a puppy’s heart) M noticed this and put the two most excitable in their crates until CDubs felt better.

We settle in and realize we forgot our Pack N Play! Where is CDubs going to sleep?!

Off to Baby’s R Us and Target we went, Target ended up being where we found a camping bed for CDubs (Baby’s R Us was useless when it came to travel baby furniture!), and we discovered many a strange toy and baby item. I soothes my inner star geek and bought CDubs a set of rocket ship and space PJs.

It’s apparent by the weather that, we really cannot go to the Zoo. So instead we drive around the city until dinner time. We explored many shops and venues and bought nothing! Such fun!

We eat with M & D at a wonderful burger joint, everything was so flavorful! Once we made it back to their apartment, we tried to convince CDubs he’s ready for bed. It was a struggle but my husband got him to sleep!

We played Cards Against Humanity which was a laugh, and went to bed.

The next day all of us traveled to our state’s Zoo. CDubs was in awe of the large creatures and enjoyed the minutes as well:


Then he fell asleep and slept like a rock for an hour! At 3PM I had finally just had enough, I was hot, my feet hurt and CDubs was just kind of staring off into the wilderness. I know the men folk could have continued exploring but, man… Nope!

So we headed back to M & D’s Apartment  where we devoured an extra delicious taco dinner (CDubs has been picky lately and even he ate it!). CDubs fought sleep once again, and went to bed late.

We woke up pretty late the next day,   but we were still able to do some more sightseeing. Our old City has changed so much since we left. I hardly recognized some areas! It was nice to see the changes.

Reluctantly, we went home. The visit just reinforces our desire to return to the city. Someday soon I hope!

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