Instrument Night at the High School 

Tonight was Instrument Night at my husband’s high school for all of the middle school bands in the area. After school we rushed to get CDubs, rushed back to his school and tried to run a marching band practice, watch our active 1.5 year old and convince parents renting is the best option!

I met with A’s mother today and we spoke about brands. I had an overwhelming impression that buying is what she felt the most comfortable with. We agreed that coming to instrument night might be the best thing to do.

I helped 3 parents, caught up with past musicians (students) and did my best to be helpful.

I learned that A’s mother is buying for sure tonight.

I also learned that B’s clarinet might not be as…. Autism, it’s horrible to say but, he or she may not be approved due to his or her Autism. It’s taking the powers that be in the program longer to decide than usual.

I hope B is approved. I do. B asks everyday when his or her clarinet will arrive.

I hope, I hope.

Read about A and B’s stories here:

In the Best Interest of the Child (Pt 1)

In the Best Interest of the Child (Pt 2)



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