They Wore What?! Dress Code or Stress Code

Look, I get it. It’s summer time here when the back to school bell rings. It’s hot, it’s sticky, and your kids have been home for 2 1/2 months. They have the Internet and they’ve been pinning, tweeting and tumblring around the interwebs discovering what’s hot this B2S season.

I’m afraid that’s the problem though. What’s hot this summer is dressing hot. As in sexy, as in poured over your body paint layer thick pants, straps showing, budding breasts topped with less than lace – I see that leopard print bra under your neon mesh shirt, why would you even think that’s appropriate attire?

Parents, meaning well or possibly seeing no issue with their child’s choices purchase these outfits. Maybe there are more pieces or extra covering that go with these things, I won’t mislead you in saying I know better, I do not.

All I do know is when they make it to class, they are dressed outside of the dress code. Sometimes the girls will bring extra clothes and change in the bathroom. Sometimes not so much.

School isn’t a sexy place. School isn’t a place to show what was grown over the summer. Students can be proud of their bodies without showing bras and underwear (males and females).

I think it’s important for children to dress modestly. I do. Boys and girls. I don’t need to see you in muscle tanks to know you’re ripped. Our gym teacher will wear a sweater, turtle neck, sometimes in the winter. It covers from neck to waist to wrist- and… I’m a married woman and he’s 6 to 7 years younger than me… But I’ll be darned if I couldn’t tell he was still in quite good shape. That man should model, I mean… *fans self.*

I’ve never seen too much of him and I know he’s hot stuff. The young ladies do too. I wonder how we know since he dresses properly?

So why the need to showcase the abs too? Why do I need to see tween man nipples? *shudders in ick*

Ladies are the same. We don’t need to see that you are wearing a thong. There are times a thong is needed I get that, but we don’t need to see it! I don’t want to see how thin you are. I don’t need to see

“How can you make As and Bs if everyone (including you) is focused on your Cs and Ds?”

While all of this is true, as an educator, it’s aggravating to have to enforce dress code rules. Kids constantly are pushing the boundaries with their teachers. Why make things worse with the dress code? These kids love to wear whatever they feel like. We are just teachers, we are barely respected by the parents as it is.

Stress abounds in these situations. I feel honestly there is only one answer.


Seriously. No one can dress better than anyone if they get their uniforms from the same place. No logos, no outlandish hats and Beats hanging off their heads.

Uniforms tell everyone exactly what’s expected and there are no deviations to try. There just aren’t.

Lord, I want the kids in uniforms. Before you say it, yes, I’ll wear a uniform, I don’t mind. Teachers need to follow the dress code too.

Uniforms or no, yes kids will do whatever they want. At least we can ensure they are not half-naked doing it.

Just my thoughts.

(Real student outfit today)



  1. dragonflylady77

    Those “pants” are just wrong. And I’m with you on tween male nipples *ick* and thongs and ugh all around!
    Miss11 has to wear a uniform for school, some of the girls have longer skirts than others (her friend R has to wear the longer skirt because she’s really tall and the ‘normal’ length skirt was way too short on her).
    Why can’t they make everyone wear pants? I mean, the skirts are $55 and the shorts that the boys have to wear are $30. It’s not fair. /rant

    Liked by 2 people

      1. dragonflylady77

        Miss11’s school is green tartan skirt for girls (knee high socks or tights for the winter) with a white polo shirt and charcoal grey shorts & a navy polo shirt for boys. They all wear the same forest green school jersey ($95!!!!). They’re only allowed a specific type of shoes, and roman sandals for summer terms…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. dragonflylady77

        I know!! It’s crazy. Then we go pick her up and there’s a dozen jerseys lying forgotten on the grass and I want to scream.
        I never went to schools that had uniforms. Most primary schools here in NZ do have a uniform policy, just not the one our kids go to. But I agree there needs to be some rules put in place, I mean, those “pants” you posted a pic of? That is just wrong.

        Liked by 2 people

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