First Day Mayhem 



I went to bed at 8:30PM last night, if that gives you an idea how my day went.

We woke up Monday morning with an anticipation, it was the first day! Everything seemed to come together, showering, CDubs was tractable getting dressed, none of the cats tried to kill us by weaving in a hazardous manner through our legs, it was a perfectly awesome morning (except I didn’t grab breakfast).

We dropped off the baby who was happy to be at daycare. We drove to my school and I was way early. I did my hair and make up, straightened my chairs, and went out on time to my duty station for the morning.

We had a wonderful 1st day assembly, that started an hour late, where the students we assured that the principal would do what was needed to run out school smoothly.

From there, it was a complete disaster of out-of-place students with missing class periods or teachers leading their students astray (not on purpose).

For instance, some teachers thought all of their homeroom students should travel together and stay together in their Encore classes. A fine idea except, students are pulled from all homerooms to make up the band classes.

Some students or teachers followed the schedule through and discovered only when the student had 2 whole hours of nothing… And nowhere to put them.

I am the A+ Coordinator and the Encore chair this year. I’ve also, unofficially become the scheduling queen. I feel like a sheepdog, heading errant children into classrooms. People are bringing me kids when I have planning and other classes. I tell them no, these aren’t mine! But I try to help them figure it out, and for better or worse, we’re in this together!

The kids were of course ramped up. I only taught 2 classes due to the confusion. But! The two I taught had a blast coming up with tableaux, doing the animal dance and getting wiggly.

So they want the arts and us teachers wiggling right along with them! They are enthused beyond belief.

I heard some kids say “bands going to be different this year, more fun if we do stuff like this.”

Maybe that’s been the issue with 8th, they quit because it’s the same all the time. Maybe they need this new stuff to help them move along!

I officially walked:

That far my first day. I’m telling you I’m a machine! I went to bed at 8:30 that night too!

I also found something in my office! Remember my Vlog post Ghost Story? Remember the print off I mentioned? Well I found my JPEG of it on my computer:


We had to stay after the first day for an extra hour to try to short out what is wrong with the scheduling and how we can fix it. Conclusion: I schedule at a time. For all the technology we have, it can really hold things up, I’m telling you….
Today was better but I still ran around a lot. 4 blisters, 3 put downs in order to stop bullying, many threats and:

8 miles today!

I taught all of my classes, but not the full classes for the full length. However, progress was made today on the schedule. So we’re getting there.

I worked on teaching drama and though we didn’t get very far, we had a lot of fun! Some if my kids are really big hams!

Being the 1st A+ School in the County is… Different but I think it’s good!

To close, I want to share a graphic from my good friend J (the one recently married) shared with me to brighten my day:

Bawhahaha, going to use this graphic this year! In my phone, ready to go!

Sigh good so far, good so far 🙂
(But still a little frustrating, but good)


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