Happy Birthday To Me!

Today was my birthday (August 22) and I spent it in an unusual way.

I woke up early due to le bebé, he was hungry for leche and I foggily obliged. After much rolling about by CDubs (at one point he fell asleep on my face) in fitful slumber, we woke up and got him ready for the day. As he rampaged in his room, I acknowledged I had the need to clean. I said blast it, it’s my day, I don’t care if I was waiting for Ry to pitch in. I want to clean. So I put old blinds in the attic, dusted and vacuumed a very cluttered hallway, cleaned toilet bowls, soaked a litter box, collected trash to go out, cleaned CDub’s room and vacuumed it too. Then it was 8AM.

CDubs eats a proper breakfast at 8AM when he’s at daycare. We try to keep him around that schedule. So I took us down to have some grits. He however, stopped me right there crying for “bobs” (which I hope you know what those could be). Out of the mouths of babes! So he was fed again and fell into a slumber.

I had some time to myself at this point, Ry had informed me he was deathly ill. He did not wish me happy birthday. He went back to sleep. (He did later)

So I played Destiny. For 2 hours I played Destiny for the first time in weeks!

The baby woke, and I forced him into the evil pit of moisture, aka the bathtub. He did alright until we had to wash his hair. The beach was perhaps more traumatic than we thought. Perhaps he wanted to smell a certain way. The minds of babies are mysterious things. It is not ours to wonder why.

After wrestling CDubs into clean clothes, which he called out “whee” in such a forlorn fashion, you knew he wanted to run naked and free. Poor thing.

We took him out to lunch where he decimated a happy meal, cheeseburger, fries, yogurt, and milk were obliterated with such ferocity. It was a sight to be seen. He always leaves something, but not today.

Then we went to Wendy’s. I asked the Manager about Pickle Buckets. Yes pickle buckets. I want a bucket drumming class set, for free please.  It might take us months, but I think I’ll have a bucket group! I promised advertising in the concert programs.

Then I demanded we journey forth to shopping, where I happily window shopped and poked about and no one told me to hurry up.

Well CDubs dumped some milk over his head, I think he wanted our attention.

So we took him home, and after much effort, he went down for a nap.

I then watched, with Ry, a favorite movie of mine: From Time to Time. Just as awesome as I remember it.

Then I played more Destiny.

CDubs woke up and we made a quick chicken dinner. It was very Spanish: a mojito marinade for the chicken, heavily spiced Spanish rice, and corn (peas as well for the baby).

CDubs was very creative with how he ate his meal:

He stayed up late after dinner as well.

Then my parents called. We had a great conversation until I found out they forgot to tell me they put down Patti Paws.

My childhood kitty:

(I have no idea how old I am in this picture… I want to say middle school)

In April. APRIL. I know she was almost 20 years old, but I mean! April!

Sigh, I should have known sooner.

I had a good cry, but in the end, she really is in a better place.

So that was my birthday. I’m happy to be a year older, and I’m happy with myself and my life, for the most part.

Here’s to many more birthdays!



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