Open House is Tomorrow…

Tomorrow is open house. If you are totally unacquainted with public school in the USA, open house is when teachers, administrators, and staff come to school before school starts, to talk to parent’s and students about the upcoming year.

It can be a very exciting time, or an excruciatingly boring time. Rarely do students at my school come down to the arts side of the school.

I generally teach 80 to 130 students a semester and I usually see 10 at open house. Open house itself sees maybe 70 kids if I’m being generous. I suppose it’s an acceptable percentage but I admit it can seem like a waste of time.

It’s also hard to arrange childcare because all of the open houses in the county are at the same time and end after all daycare facilities are closed (7PM).

So CDubs is hanging out with Daddy tomorrow.

Even though I do not estimate any to little visits, and I do have some plans:

  • I need to paper a board
  • I need to clean my office
  • I need to design a movie that’s exciting that showcases plans for this year
  • I need to plan my first two weeks
  • I need to make copies of instrument contracts
  • I need to make copies of instrument letters
  • I need to make posters

I think in the next two days I can accomplish this, I just have to focus!



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