Meet the Principal (Pt.2)

I promised you last week that I would tell you how things went with our new principal. Principal M has been a principal for over 8 years. She was an administrator at the high school and Junior High level.

I heard all sorts of rumors about her, as I said, from 2nd and 3rd hand sources. What I heard wasn’t really very factual and no one elaborated.

Why is she such and such way? Did the person in the story do something wrong? Is it possible there is some back story we are missing?

While I appreciated the insights of all of the people who shared the stories they heard, I knew there was no way to know until I got there.

Which I did, get there, at 7:06AM. I spent a pleasant 20 minutes blogging about my hopes for the upcoming year, and was let into the school by a very surprised janitor.

10 minutes prior to my meeting time I walk up from the depths of the building to the office. I was informed I had quite a wait because someone just went in 5 minutes ago.

Hey, the community just received a new leader, there are bound to be times like with Principal S, that someone walks in and demands an audience. It happens.

20 minutes later, my thoughts turn darkly towards other things, there is nowhere to sit anymore and the secretary is buzzing about and I know I’m making her feel uncomfortable. She a good woman but, I cannot help that it’s just good sense to wait.

At the 30 minute mark, they emerge from the Principal’s office. I am greeted by a colleague I rather like, and she sets me up quiet nicely for coming back later that week.

I am asked to come on back and we sit is what I can only describe as moving in decor. She has not been here long, and I immediately understand this post was a surprise to her as well. She has spent less time decorating and more time doing, a good sign.

What follows is quite honestly an interview. I feel that I was suddenly applying for my own job.

I picked up on that she is very organized and frazzled because this whole affair was not organized (the swapping of principals). She has the way of a disciplinarian about her, for both the teachers and staff as well as students. She is used to a big school. She expects people to have issues with her (and admitted she is working on her interpersonal skills). She is willing to listen and wants the facts, our conversation was copied down in a notebook.

She is most certainly different from Principal S. I think in a good way. I believe we can educate some changes into our students and I think it will be fun this year.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow 🙂

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