She’s Here!

She arrived in the mail this afternoon, package a little worse for ware- unceremoniously thrust into our mailbox like an unwanted magazine.

But I knew, she was inside! 

She came from a wonderfully fun contest where we had to come up with a reason for an event. Mind you, my goal at the time was to cheer up the wonderfully creative NAPR Sheena– little did I know this would happen!

I won! I don’t win things! How exciting! You see my brother had tons of Legos. Tons. I was allowed to play and build and… Pretend all the boy Legos were girls. Not only were females uncommon but I wasn’t allowed to have any Legos. In fact, when my grandmother gifted my brother her old Legos, I felt a momentary twinge- yes I received a beautiful moment of my childhood too but… Old wounds I guess.

Suddenly here I was though, my chance to have my very own female Lego lady! NAPR was oh so nice in accommodating my secret wish- she’s fantastic. We’re going to school tomorrow 😀 how fun!




18 thoughts on “She’s Here!

  1. I’m so happy you like her! I thought she was old school enough to be what you remembered, but with a sassy cute outfit! 😀 Enjoy (and hide her from the kids!)!

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