She’s Here!

She arrived in the mail this afternoon, package a little worse for ware, unceremoniously thrust into our mailbox like an unwanted magazine.

But I knew, she was inside!

She came from a wonderfully fun contest where we had to come up with a reason for an event. Mind you, my goal at the time was to cheer up the wonderfully creative NAPR Sheena- little did I know this would happen!

I won! I don’t win things! How exciting! You see my brother had tons of Legos. Tons. I was allowed to play and build and… Pretend all the boy Legos were girls. Not only were females uncommon but I wasn’t allowed to have any Legos. In fact, when my grandmother gifted my brother her old Legos, I felt a momentary twinge, yes I received a beautiful moment of my childhood too but… Old wounds I guess.

Suddenly here I was though, my chance to have my very own female Lego lady! NAPR was oh so nice in accommodating my secret wish, she’s fantastic. We’re going to school tomorrow 😀 how fun!


    1. NotAPunkRocker

      I think the issue is that Lego Friends are SO girly because they have to compete with Littlest Petshop, Polly Pocket, or whatever the equivalent is now. The Friends series has blocks and builds and such but it is more for dollhouse/pretend play than builder/creating, if that makes any sense. It makes the (supposedly) gender-neutral sets look more masculine in comparison.

      (just my opinion…I just buy the sets for the figures and accessories 😀 )

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