Minted: Worldwide Creativity at Your Fingertips 

I was recently contacted by a representative at Minted– an online marketplace of art, paperie, home decor, and fabrics, all created by artists from all over the world (in 48 U.S. States and 43 countries). I received a flattering request to partner with them to create a review post.*

 Talent From New Perspectives 

Minted was created to allow artists from many walks of life, a way to get their art to the world. A large portion of artists do not have the capabilities to create online stores or travel to get their work sold. Some are brand new to the business of design. Minted allows many of these artists a chance to be successful.

Minted doesn’t determine what should and should not be published, printed, or formed, the artists create and the Minted Community as a whole decides what great designing is. Usually, it’s the company telling them or us what they think is good. A refreshing change, to be sure!

That alone piqued my interest: new talent without corporate bullying. Art for art’s sake!

Creative Content At Your Fingertips

Minted has collected amazing Art, Paperie (for events or personal use), printed fabric, and home decor. They even have beautiful wedding websites! It’s all right there with amazing color and vibrancy:

I have to admit, I’m drawn most to the Art Prints. Maybe it’s my creative side clamoring for an outlet; but the prints are simply beautiful and have me imagining all sorts of colorful groupings:

One of the absolute best features in the art section is this:

You tell me something is 8X10 I think photocopy paper (it’s the teacher in me). After that, I don’t know what 24X24 would look like. Sure I could go get a measuring tape but this is revolutionary to a visual person like me. I wish more art print sites did this.

I also love the options you can choose when ordering. Some prints you can change the tinting or object color (from a pre-selected color pallet, I love this painting with the yellow swimsuit option!).

You can also have the artist’s name printed on the print or not, and for a reasonable fee, your print can come framed. Talk about a time saver:

There is such variety, and such care for the product you want. After all, this artwork is hanging in your intimate space, your home. Little details like this can really set a piece apart from your average prints.

It’s not just art, that has this personal touch. There are creative fabric prints by the yard:

And the stationary and event Paperie. Can I tell you, it’s fun just browsing all of the different cards and Paperie. I loved looking through all of their wedding and Save-the-Date stationary. Besides making me sigh and think on my own wedding, I wish I had known of Minted’s Wedding stationary back then!  They have Wedding Invitations and programs, menus and reception cards all matching… And all beautiful! (And free guest addressing that would save any bride a lot of time!!)

I loved this one in particular, and had a chuckle at the bride-to-be’s name:

It’s all quite beautiful.

I did have one tiny hiccup I should mention; maybe it’s my iPhone but, I had trouble with the site on my phone. The drop down screens were hard to select and once selected, I could not click on the subcategory without the whole drop down closing on me. However, once I booted up my husband’s Surface Tablet, everything worked fine.

I did some further research, and while yes, there are some hiccups on some areas of the website, they have recently redesigned their homepage navigation:

and they are in the process of improving all aspects of our user experience; which yes, includes the mobile experience as well!

This is great news, although, the art is still worth seeing on a bigger screen!

Bringing the World’s Creativity to Your Home

Anyone who wants thoughtful, well made items in their home, or anyone who  loves that personal touch so many companies are lacking in today’s world; they will love Minted.

You have the creativity of the world at your fingertips, all you have to do is choose what calls to you. Trust me, a lot will!

*This post was written in partnership with All images posted are from their webpage. As a reviewer I am being compensated for my time and care (with credit) when writing this post. However, I was encouraged to disclose my true thoughts and feelings towards the site and their products.


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