School Year Hopes 2015-2016

As I sit here, on one of TMS’s faded and springy (in a bad way) benches, I feel the need to stop and reflect on what I want for the upcoming school year, and what I want for my students.

My Hopes for the 2015- 2016 Academic Year

  • I hope our scheduling is legal this year, I.e. I have a planning period! Every full-time teacher (no matter the subject) in my state is required to receive 5 hours of planning during the instructional day. Not before, not after school, during the school day. (Unless that right had been waved by the staff in the school improvement plan, which it was not and I’ll be darned if I sign anything that says that this year!)
  • I hope our new principal is ready to learn about A+ and becoming an A+ School. I want us to succeed with this new program.
  • I hope I can rise above and accept any reasonable changes made this year.
  • I hope I can work professionally with all staff and that all staff can work professionally with me.
  • I hope the A+ Program is integrated into every class, and that everyone learns the benefits of implementing this plan.
  • I hope I can get all of my pre class stuff done in time this year.
  • I hope my husband’s class sizes grow with eager band students!
  • I hope my old students stay and that I get a great many new 6th grade band students.
  • I hope most of my new 5th grade students can read.
  • I hope we receive monies for purchasing classroom supplies and communal arts supplies. (I mean music instruments for the classes and art supplies and dancing materials etc.)
  • I hope we keep our promises of being positive and thinking positively as educators this year.
  • I hope our staff feels more included in our school day-to-day running.
  • I hope I receive a class set of HP&TSS and HG for my novel studies!
  • I hope this is my best year yet!

My Hopes for My Student’s Academic Year

  • I hope that they are open to A+ and that they receive quality Core and Arts instruction from every teacher!
  • I hope that they are able to stay in the classroom and learn.
  • I hope everyone catches up to grade level knowledge in at least on subject (besides mine, I hope I will prepare all my students properly, that’s the plan!).
  • I hope bullying reduces significantly this school year.
  • I hope staff and educator attendance is at an all time high this school year.
  • I hope our students see hope in their futures this school year!

I’m sure given more thought, I could come up with even more hopes and wishes for us all! Do you have any wishes during this upcoming Academic year?



  1. napsandicecream

    Just found your blog, also a teacher 🙂 I love your list! My hopes are to continue to find my voice and do what’s best for my students in light of our ever expanding scripted curriculum.

    Liked by 2 people

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