The Day Towels Were Not Important 

One morning, months ago, I woke up nice an early to get ready for the day. Usually, I shower the night before so I have less to do in the morning. Its pretty tough getting myself, the baby, and lunches ready to go in the morning. (This year will be different!)

This morning however, I just needed a shower to wake up. So I took one, and heard partway through, my husband jumping into another shower himself.

Once I got out and got dressed, I heard my husband call out to me from the foggy depths of the bathroom.

“Katt, I need a towel! I need a towel!”

I go into the bathroom he is in and I check to see, is the towel just to far away? Is it dropped?

No, there really isn’t a towel at all.

I know the quickest place to get towels is the guest bathroom, it’s always made up just in case.

I grab the closest one and let it drape out of my hand. I quickly walk back to the other bathroom.

I thrust the towel at my dripping and shivering husband who recoils in horror.

A huge wolf spider crawls menacingly across the towel out for blood.

My husband turns white as a sheet and sputters, “Get it away, away! There’s a spider!”

I drop the towel and the dark form scurries away into a crack in the wall.

My husband decided to drip dry that morning

Have you or someone you loved had some unexpected surprises during a perfectly mundane task? Feel free to share your own stories of shock or awe!



  1. The Mom Who Runs

    At the ripe at of 10 I was at my first sleep away camp for two weeks. We usuappy lived in rudimentary cabins, but one night had an over night camping trip. After many spiders had to ousted from our tee pee and too many ghost stories, we all slept very little. The next day we returned to our cabin (ironically, Friday the 13th) and found an ENORMOUS wolf spider (3-4 inches in diameter) hanging on the shower curtain. You can’t make stuff like that up! Showers have never been the same for me since…And always get inspected before I climb in!

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