Meeting the Principal

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Today I was supposed to go to Raleigh with my old principal and my arts supervisor. Due to life happening, car repairs mostly, a reimbursement of $100 for gas and food isn’t enough. Usually, we don’t get reimbursed for workshops. Usually we spend gas money, lunch money, and we have to beg for someone besides our selves to pay for our subs (yes they will take the price of a sub out if your paycheck). If the car hadn’t been repaired 3 days ago and I hadn’t had to drop $1900, I’d be there. This event is an excellent opportunity to network for A+ and to gain more insight and lessons.

Can’t afford it though!

I’m told the new principal is going, and I hope they are able to get her a little up to speed on A+ this week!

I received a phone call yesterday from our school’s secretary. She informed me the principal was meeting with the staff Friday. Uh oh (CDubs’s new word btw)! We are out-of-town Thursday through Saturday afternoon!

She then told me, *sigh* that was okay and scheduled me a one on one meeting Monday at 9:30AM!

I’m excited about the meeting because I’m hoping that she’s someone I’ll enjoy working with. I’m hoping she’s into guiding her staff to greater things. I hope she thinks the arts are important.

I’m afraid of all the rumors I am hearing. We know rumors are really not something we should pay any mind to. While I’m ignoring these rumors, and trying to find anything remotely factual about her, it’s like she’s a ghost. There are absolutely no pictures of her online. All principals have photos on their school website. Mr. S is still featured in our site. She is still listed as the principal at her old school. But there is no photograph of her!

It’s the same on Twitter, Linked in, Facebook, sports photos, events…..

Nothing. *twilight zone theme plays in the background*

No one I know even slightly, knows anything about her. The rumors are all 3rd hand and the people telling our staff about her worked for her a long time ago or hates the world or…. Just not helpful.

I mean let’s be honest. If you aren’t doing your job and you get caught, you aren’t going to like your boss. So really your information is useless.

The only thing I’ve heard 1st hand is this, and it worries me a little:

I scheduled myself with Mr.S approval to come into school 1 week early. CDubs is even rescheduled to start day care early, so I’m losing money to work a week for free.

I asked the secretary if she knew if I could still come to work a week early.

Her response did not sound promising; either she was genuinely unsure if I could or she genuinely knows I cannot, but was trying to be nice.

*sigh* I hope I can, I have about 30 instruments to wash, a classroom to redecorate and I need to finish the new band website.

I also hope the meeting between us goes well… Or that it’s not one on one after all, just those of us who missed Friday’s meeting!

I know this, I’m gonna look awesome.

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