Thankful & Grateful: Shopping? Again?

Now you all know about my Outting and my Stocking news from last week. There is just one more piece to the awesomeness.

Due to the fact that my husband ended up getting a good amount of clothes from Kohl’s, we received a surprise! We did not know it was a Kohl’s Cash shopping time. For every… Is it $50 (?) you spend during this time, you receive $10 in Kohl’s Cash. This Cash is useable in store and online and you can pay for your complete order (minus tax I think?). Ry racked up $170 in Kohl’s Cash on Saturday. It would be a shame not to use that much money.


So we are going back to Aberdeen today to go wild at Kohl’s and find some things for CDubs! 

So another Awesome thing 🙂

Now if CDubs can just take his mid morning nap (he’s teething)!


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