I’d Like to Tell You a Story (All About How My Life Got Flipped Upside Down…)

Let me tell you…

My parents are coming to visit this upcoming weekend. In preparation, we were out getting things for the visit.

Right in the middle of our shopping, my phone rings it’s an automated message from my school. Principal S’s recorded voice filters through my iPhone’s speakers:

“This is Principal S from T_____ Middle School. Well, the summers almost over and we’ll be back before we know it. As most of you already know, I’ve been assigned a new post at R______ Middle school…..”

Wait, did he just say, WHAT!?

Last week, last week we were in school wide training for A+ and now a week later our trained in A+ principal is GONE!

And Mrs.M is our new principal? Who is that?! I’m sure she’s perfectly lovely but, but, but!

4 teachers are gone, a new principal and possibly new Encore teachers….

And and. I’m the A+ Site Coordinator. So this means it’s up to me right, I mean until the Principal is trained.

And why did he have to go, Mr. S was pretty great. My first principal who let me try all sorts of weird in my classroom. He was funny and kind and never made a big deal about my MRIs or CDubs’s helmet appointments. I just….

Le sigh.

I’ll miss his snazzy suits.



  1. NotAPunkRocker

    Why does it happen this time of year? When M was in middle school they announced the new principal a week before school started. Aren’t these contracts done ahead of time or do they do this to keep parents from trying to move their kids (even though in our district you can’t without an IEP and act of the God/god of your choosing).

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