Why not ‘Why Not?’

A new friend with a great point! What would happen if we added a little why not to our lives? What have we got to lose!

The Soft-Hearted Warrior


Tonight, I made coffee for myself at 23.22. I sleep at midnight so I don’t make coffee for myself at night because I can’t sleep when I consume coffee close to my sleeping hours. But tonight I had this ‘coffee urge’ around midnight and this time I thought ‘Why not?’ 🙂

I lately hear myself quote this question more often compared to before.

And I like that I do.

I don’t know what got into me, but I feel happier this way! I mean, I why-not things I never ever thought of doing before. When I stand squeezed in between the multitude of people in the bus, I suddenly think of why-notting the boring situation and smiling. I wake up in the morning and suddenly think of why-notting my sleepy mood and opening the window and shouting ‘Good morning lovely world habitants!’

Have you ever listened to ‘Don’t…

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