Professional Development: Day 5


This day dawned early, and though we had talked about packing early in the morning, we slept through morning alarms.

After throwing all the clothes I could into a bag, we went down for breakfast. It was tasty as ever but the dining room was packed. We invited a fellow teacher to sit with us so they would have a chance to eat.

We hurried to finish up our last day of the development, we would only be working from 9 to 2:30. We reflected on our new ways of lesson planning and I shared my idea for introducing instruments using the scientific method. It got some approval from the other teachers. 

We talked about our newfound appreciation for A+ and put on a performance. It was fun, and we presented it to the other new school. We returned to our conference rooms and wrote out what A+would look like for the school year.

I just hope it sticks. I plan to do my best to do my part but I seriously do not want the school to revert!

Here’s hoping!


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