I Will Breathe

Have you had this feeling lately? Too many things rushing up on you all at once?

I am trying to calm my busy brain at night, I have so many things to worry about: the car, the house, my baby, my job….

Sometimes I get so angry at my husband, he can be so insensitive! Then he turns around and says the same about me!

It’s a frustrating life we live. as we try to settle into a comfortable state. I know all of this aggravation and worry isn’t forever.

Letting go of the worry, letting those debilitating thoughts go, can be so freeing. My problems aren’t going anywhere, but if I let go of the worry and know no matter what, it’s getting taken care of, then why take the extra effort of freaking out?

We all have no extra money to spend on this stuff. Somehow, we get it done anyhow. Don’t stress, decompress!

Last night, I lay in bed with all my thoughts swirling about and I pictured everything I was feeling was floating away, up up into the night, to the sky, and into the stars. It was just enough to fall asleep. I woke up feeling pretty focused and ready to have a good morning.

I’m not going to ignore  my problems, or let others fix them, I am just not going to sit here thinking of all the possible outcomes, of what people will think, of how we got into this mess. I am going to be firm in my knowledge I will fix it, I am learning, and we will be okay.

That’s the best use of my brainpower. Learning, growing, changing instead of fretting, whining, and flipping out over what problems I have.

I hope you also let some things stop worrying you today! Remember, “I will breathe, and it will be okay, because I don’t quit!”



  1. Emma Masson-Oakden

    Your post really resonated with me.

    I am a quitter… in a big way. Yesterday I was having a little breakdown about my lack of motivation to do my university work (I’m in my final semester)… my wife told me not to quit, that I’m almost there. My first reaction? “I’m not going to quit”. Never have those words come out of my mouth more honestly!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. readersandmore

        Your welcome! I have a hard time being positive but seem to always be able to give positive advice to others! It does come from somewhere. I guess maybe a corner of my brain or something that I haven’t really gotten to use myself!

        Liked by 1 person

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