Professional Development: Day 1 and 2!

 It’s really beautiful here. Very calming scenery and cute little streets filled with artsy shops. All of which, I see early in the morning before the workshop officially begins each morning!

I have started each morning before sunrise to apply make up. I’m not one for make up but man, do I ever love the results, even with my basic application! I decided, I am waking up early this year, and I am going to put a full hour into just myself. It’s quiet and no one needs me. I need for myself to take the time to care for me though!

So far, so good with the workshops, I really loved learning about dance and visual arts and using both in my classroom. It’s been a discovery kind of week so far. It feels a day ahead with all of our learning!

Yesterday we explored the area:


This place has a thing about bears:

And I’ve even seen from a distance, judicial bears and medical bears…

My takeaways so far are I want to try to dance once a week at the beginning of class just to change the energy level. I also want to take hard to teach concepts or boring ones (or so they tell me) and dance them out.

I know all sorts of terminology now, shape, form, space, tableaux…

Today for the visual arts component we learned about the types of art and talked about when to use it. I was a little confusing at first… Show unity in your drawing. Show balance in your drawing. I think I’ve got it now though!

We also went to individual chosen training where I learned to turn music into characters. It was kind of cool.

Then 😦 CDub’s little hand got closed in our hotel room door! It was just too much. My poor baby just cried and cried…. And I still had to go back for curriculum mapping!

He seems okay now, not sure about brides yet.

Now it’s dinner time and my chance to walk around and see some more beauty:




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