Professional Development: Arrival and Surprises

We arrived yesterday around 4:30PM to find a pleasant woman at the front desk and chocolate chip cookies (which were effing delicious). I discover we are still squeezing 6 people into a room (boo) and that we are rooming in the historic yacht club building.

I’ve only seen a canoe in person so, I hope to sneak down to the docks during a break to see how the other half sails.

We check in and drive over to the next building, and discover our room is at the very end, and truly the last room before the official yacht masters office etc. so we only have neighbours on one side! Excellent (think midnight wails and thin hotel walls)!

I chase CDubs all over the room, and mister grumpy pants aka husband of mine, lugs in all our stuff on a cart.

It’s a lot of stuff. A week away from home in a fancy pants town? I brought clothes for the Professional Development (hence forth referred to as the PD), 2 sets of regular clothes, proper night things (I’m all for laying out in my skivvies, but we are sharing with coworkers!), husband clothes, 3 sets of baby clothes per day plus 4 sleeping outfits, extra onesies, baby socks… Toys out the butt (Anerica phrase meaning a asston; a huge amount- we are booty people, what can I say?), and I brought a lot of food.

Yes I packed non perishables. Ramen, toddler trays of premade food, cereals, chips (crisps), energy/ granola bars, fruit pouches, cookies, baby puffs, baby pouches, instant grits (ground corn cooked like instant wheat cereal or oatmeal, just it’s ground up dried corn instead)…

Then of course, disposable plates, dippy cups, two cheap glass bowls, silverware for 2, 2 sets of baby utensils, dish soap, bottle sponge, dishes sponge, gloves, towels…

Then bath supplies… Toys, towels…

Have I imparted the amount  of stuff we brought!?

Once it’s all in the room, we decide on the bed by the window. It’s got a large gap we can put the Pack n Play right next to the bed… Oh my God it’s a single bed. A single bed?! A single bed?! 

I’m plus sized, and my husband has some baby weight left himself; when we were 18, I think we could have made this work! Sleeping in a single sized bed now?!

Single beds?!

We start unloading the trolley and what the heck, there is not a microwave?! No fridge?! The lobby has one… Seriously? The lobby in the next building, past all the convention  rooms… Picture it, steaming bowls of ramen being carried in a mit through hallways and buildings. There are no tables to eat on in the central building because they don’t serve breakfast! This is why I brought food!

My baby needs cows milk. This is why we need a fridge. Oye vey people (I embrace my Hewbrew heratige)!

Huge pile of useless, microwave food. For $1.50 plus tax they’ll bring us milk in the morning.

For $3 I could have milk for days, IF I HAD A FRIDGE.

So, we unpack into half the room and I text my roommate Mrs.H and ask if she’s joining us tonight or tomorrow? I texted the principal and he said there might be a way to make this work (a possible separate room perhaps?!) and I ask her to text me back.

We unpack, unpack, CDubs is madly giggling as daddy chases him about, and I see it’s 6:30PM. Let’s eat. I budgeted dinner out every night at least!

Chipotle. Mmmmm. Organic, locally grown Mexican deliciousness.

As we load ourselves back into the car, I receive a text; “We aren’t coming, can’t leave Bri at home for the week.”

It’s seems my roomie learned about the rooming situation way before me. She knew about the size of the room, beds and planned to leave Bri at home to accommodate us. But she couldn’t do it.

Now I feel guilty. This is not the outcome I wanted. I didn’t want her to miss this. She’s the perfect A+ kind of teacher!

I tell her I will take the best notes and record interesting sessions. She agrees this is a good plan.

Nothing has gone as planned; yes, we now fit in our room, happily but bittersweetly. We have to pay for all of our meals out (going out to eat). My husband is sleeping in a separate bed like we are a couple on a 50s family program. I feel a bit guilty about Mrs. H.

All that aside, we do fit comfortably in a room. We can afford to eat out two meals, and breakfast out is cheap (as a rule). I know they make milk in cartons that is stored without refrigeration (well, before you open it it can be stored without refrigeration). There are parks here, historical places to visit, live jazz on the patio… So my husband and the baby have things to do, while I am ensconced in workshops.

It’s good and quiet here. We are staying in a historic building which is cool.

So it’s really all good. Thanks to you all for sending your good energies my way! I hope today’s sessions go well!!

Keep rooting for us!


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