Professional Development: Summer A+ Training


We are on our way to our seaside professional development trading course. This training is for TMS teachers from Rob Co and other areas, I am sure. We will be staying for 5 days, for three 8:30AM to 4:30PM long sessions, one 10:00AM- 4:30PM session, and one 8:30AM to 2:30PM session. The A+ folks are providing lunch every session for participants only.

Now here’s where it gets tricky. We are a pretty low economic county, I’ve mentioned in the past that I teach at a Title 1 school. Due to this, and other factors I am sure, we were asked not to bring our families because we are doubling up our rooms. It’s cheaper. Now, people have been known in the past to use professional development days like a free vacation. I’m sure it happens in every profession. So I understand a week long training on completely changing how our school works, is serious.

I do.

However, we reminded the GGE (Great Golden Eagle A.K.A Principal S- yes, you know I call him that to his face, he loves it, no lie), that 2 of us still have young families. Mrs. H has a 3 year old Bri, and I have CDubs. It’s not that our husbands can’t take care of the tiny people while we’re gone, of course they can. It has to do more with Mrs. H’s husband works during the summer, not an educator, and CDubs is truly not ready to be away from me yet. (He’s still breastfeeding, we are weaning but we aren’t there yet!)

(Really, he would stay up to midnight every night pre and post wedding waiting for us to return to Great Grandma’s. He cried and all sorts of things, poor dear. When I go to things without them for a day, it’s bad, trust me)

The GGE listened to our concerns, after all, even the judicial system won’t take a breastfeeding child from a mother (unless she’s straight up dangerous) in custody disputes. 

It was decided we may bring our families! 

And room together. In one room. Two beds and a pack n play. The GGE doesn’t have kids. The GGE is nuts (and I say that with all the professional admiration in my soul).

Take a moment, visualize:

  • Teething 16 month old, won’t sleep at proper early bedtime, needs music to sleep to, screams periodically in the night for no reason, breast feeds, sleeps in 5ft  by 3ft pack in play.
  • 3 year old girl, only child, wants a sibling BAD, sleeps at a different time, afraid of strangers but supposedly a Chatty Cathy, extra cot in room.
  • 4 adults plus toys, clothes, bathing stuff, food (they aren’t providing meals so…)

For those of you who are visual learners:

(It was hard to make everything small enough to fit the floor plan in my sticker app on my phone! Excuse the sloppiness please!)

Do you see the problem? Do you?! It’s going to be Hell. I totally think Mrs. H is awesome and little Bri is so scared of strangers but cute… And 5 days with 6 humans in that room.

Pray for us. Pray for us hard. Pray they have a way to split us up.

I cannot afford a room for us. We don’t get paid for this until after the development and we are staying 5 nights! I couldn’t possibly afford getting us a room, and feeding us for a week, and and!

So we’re stuck. 

So again, pray for us, send positive energy, all that stuff, towards the Gillespie Trio! Checkin is at 3PM today and we are on our way. Oh man…

At least CDubs is happily unaware of our fate:



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