Inspiration from the Outside!

🎶 A Whole New World 🎶

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One of the challenges for blogging 101 is to be inspired outside of oneself by reading blogs and finding something that resonates with one’s ideals etc.

The Mom Who Runs (who incidentally was inspired by another blogger) inspired me by her blog post on “I Am a Mom Who…”The idea is, the writer must finish the thought. It can be as funny or serious as you want. I may be embarrassingly truthful myself. I’m in the mood for a bit of fun before the week of workshops, and Cdubs is napping. Perfect time to be silly!

  • Decorates my photos with more preteen stamps and stickers than her students…
  • Would rather read a book uninterrupted than get out of the house for the same amount of time.
  • Likes ponies. Not real ponies, the crazy pastel colored ones with booty stamps (cutie marks) and amazing vocals. I have an Album. No shame.
  •  Plays Destiny the game. I have a level 31 human Warlock, level 7 Exo Hunter and a level 15 Awoken Titan. 
  •  Unabashedly picks her son’s nose in public, with out without a tissue. (Wet wipes are used afterwards, most of the time, once a receipt was used)
  • Actually finds a way to answer every child’s legitimate question, at school, even if it’s off topic. (Like the time a boy told me babies are dead inside your stomach until they are born. I didn’t teach music that day.)
  • Will cook spaghetti for every function; dinner, lunch, dinner party, potluck, visits… Spaghetti is awesome.
  • Spent the first 3 months sleeping on the couch during the day so the baby could sleep… And because I missed him being with me all the time (strange but true) 
  • Swore she’d never miss her child being a little baby… A little itty bitty baby… And does! 
  • Doesn’t want pictures of her son online but figured out a way to put him there with funny hats and glasses. 
  • Stays up way to late blogging and the deletes the post she spent an hour or more writing.
  • Should be packing for my week-long trip but instead blogs and catches up on her WordPress reader!

For shame! What kind of mom/ parent are you!?


      1. afternoonofsundries

        Oh lord! Lol I didn’t see age in your about page so I feared it was a custody battle or something! However, someday this will change, that is at least, a true statement! And kudos for knowing what you want (as in not being a teen mom)

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      2. readersandmore

        Lol! I am a bit of a younger blogger! I’m sure when I am at least 20 something my thoughts will be different. Thanks! I personally think being a teen mom isn’t such a safe idea. Depends on the perspective though.

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  1. dragonflylady77

    I’m a mum who loves to decorate birthday cakes, cuddles up with her two babies who are not babies anymore (11 and nearly 8…), goes to rugby games with her wife and NO children, writes erotica, buys wool she will never use because the crochet mojo is fleeting lately, likes to binge watch TV shows.
    I’m also a mum who hasn’t seen her mum in nearly 2 years and her dad in 6 years (they live in France, I live in New Zealand).
    Also, I’m a mum who might be addicted to Facebook and Instagram (and Twitter but on a smaller scale) and who is not very good at this blogging thing!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. afternoonofsundries

      Thank you for sharing! I feel like I know you better! I love crocheting except I also buy yarn that sits, and sits… And sits… It’s so calming to crochet, I used to do it when I was pregnant to chill out! I’ve never seen a rugby game… Maybe I should!

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      1. dragonflylady77


        My wife taught me how to crochet at the end of October last year. I have posted some of the things I’ve made on my blog. Most of the photos are on my Instagram. ^_^ But lately everything I start goes blah. I need to finish the tea cosy I started, because it’s due in for the exhibition this week. Oops.

        We love love love watching rugby, the hot men in tight jerseys don’t hurt either. We’ve only been to one game this year, as it’s tricky to find a babysitter for 4 kids (and the closest games are in Wellington, 3hrs drive away).

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  2. honestme363

    Beautiful post and pics! Who doesn’t like stickers? Especially if they have a little glitter 😊 and the last thing I crocheted was a pair of booties for my girl. I put dabs of silicone on the bottom so they were nonslip. It is funny where a post and comments will take you…

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      1. honestme363

        I often refer to my ‘Happy Hooker’ when I am learning new stitches. Have you heard of it? I can’t remember the author’s name but it is subtitled ‘Stitch n bitch crochet’. And lionbrand easy booties online. Super easy. I am not really that fancy. ☺

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