Thankful & Grateful: Delicious Dinners and Delightful Duds

 I have a friend who is very generous. She doesn’t ask for anything in return, well good company. I hope I supply that! She invites us over and cooks these delicious meals, and you never leave hungry.

Then we talk and share ideas and things we are passionate about… And things we aren’t so passionate about!

It’s very selfless of her, and we thank her for her time, and meals but, she does more than that. She sees we are struggling and though she is busy, she makes sure to have a dinner every so often to stave off our loneliness.

I appreciate that.

She also understands what we’re going through, daily. She’s out there with us working hard to teach. She teaches band so she even knows our struggles to the point she is also fretting over them in her own life.

I have to say though, I came out of her home extra thankful the other day. She went through her closet and collected teaching attire and clothes she could no longer wear. I was dubious, she is 5’6″ and she gave me 5 or 6 pairs of pants and some skirts…. But every thing save four garments fit! Even the sleep pants, which she assured me were long, are so long, I have issues walking in them!

I have clothes that will really flesh out my teaching wardrobe and I can wear most of them next week to the A+ Conference!

I  truly Thankful and Grateful!


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