A Love Hate Post

the wonderful Delirious Antidotes tagged me in this fun challenge which consists of listing ten things you love and ten things you hate and then challenging 10 people to do the same! 

I shall do my best to complete all 30! Here we go:

10 Things I Love

  1. Cats
  2. Rainy days at home 
  3. Halloween
  4. Nail polish 
  5. Jewelry 
  6. Pedicures 
  7. Cooking
  8. Eating 
  9. Reading
  10. Writing

10 Things I Hate

  1. OCD tendencies 
  2. My neurosises (is that even a word)
  3. Not seeing all the colors anymore
  4. Having a tumor 
  5. Living month to month on our paychecks and never saving
  6. Debt
  7. Complex runaround bullshit of any kind (yes I feel so strongly, I’ve got to curse!)
  8. Cost of repairs to anything valuable 
  9. Lack of respect towards educators 
  10. Decline of the Arts in Public Schools

10 Tributes:

A lot of these blogs are new to me or blogs I follow and yet… I want to know more! Share you loved and hatred with me please? (If you do not want to, that’s cool! At the very least, I hope to send some traffic your way!)



10 thoughts on “A Love Hate Post

  1. Excellent lists. I can identify with so many on both the love and hate ends. I think I would add “being pregnant” to both. How’s that for feeling conflicted? Love that I can grow a human, how it feels when he moves around and the bond that comes from it all. Hate how it makes me feel sick and useless and uncomfortable, that I can’t sleep and can’t run and am moody and especially when he has the hiccups and slams into my inner parts…OUCH. But I totally love the outcome. That’s worth every second that I hate.
    Thank you for dedicating yourself and your career to teaching, and to teaching music at that! I think it’s an incredibly important area and so tragically overlooked.

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