Time to Get Yo’ Stuff Together Girl!

I can’t say this idea to change things just happened over night. Lots of things and people have been aiming me towards change everyday. Weddings especially make one pensive, and when good friends get together things can be said… That need to be said.

Now I cannot speak on everything we spoke about, unlike the old me, some business is private. There are some things that I have decided for myself.

I am not just going to serenely accept things or circumstances.

I am going to have to take charge in my personal life, not just professional.

I  going to set some new goals.

I  not going to listen to doubters. They aren’t paying my bills. I love th but I can’t listen to them, no matter how much I may like the doubter in question.

Stop being afraid of social rejection.

Stop obsessing over how my friends may or may not feel about me (it’s probably all in my head).

Stop indulging little girl behavior in myself.

Budget, budget, budget.

Expect more and better from others. I deserve receiving their best just as much as strangers, coworkers, and in some cases, family.

I can make good changes happen.

The ultimate goal:


I started some of this on Sunday night, this new thinking, and powered through some work. Then I no nonsense made some small decisions I would normally voice timidly, fold, the placate. At the same time, the other person is trying to change in his or her own way too. 

Small steps!



6 thoughts on “Time to Get Yo’ Stuff Together Girl!

  1. P.s. took your advice and, although I was quite lazy with my approach to the day, I did go to bed satisfied. And I did wake up with a smile on my face this morning. So thanks. Heres to wishing you did too ☺

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