Blogging 101: Theme And Web address

Today, I got the all important email from WordPress, reminding me in 60 days my domain will be renewed. The warning was more to prep me for when the money leaves my bank account.

Purchasing was, in my opinion, one of my better purchases. If you can remember my name you can more than find my site. Not only that, when I purchased my name, after 6 months of blogging, the purchase made it feel real. This was my blog, mine. Hard work and money went into it, it was a legitimate enterprise, well blog!

I will definitely be renewing my url when the time comes.

As for the Adelle theme I chose, that took me hours to decide upon. I tried every sing theme that appealed to me. Once I got an awesome logo, thanks to Steve, I once again went through the process of deciding a theme. I wanted to make sure the logo, theme and posts all looked good together. I checked out themes on the computer and then on the WordPress App and App reader. I ended up, once again, with the Adelle theme!

This is not to say I won’t try out new themes in the future. For now, the clean look of Adelle showcases my blog in the way that I want it showcased! For now. You never know the crazy new stuff they will design in the future!


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