Aunt Megan’s Visit


It’s Fourth of July weekend and my Sister- In- Law Megan is in our state this weekend.  She hasn’t seen her nephew since he was 4 months old, through no fault of her own of course, she lives 12 hours away!  It was really important to her that while she was in the same state, she visited with her nephew, CDubs!

Megan and her friend John came all the way to our closest big city, to spend  the Fourth of July and the morning after with us. We totally appreciate it considering John is not family. He’s a great fellow though, and completely great with kids.

We arrived at the Wyndam at 3PM on the 4th without too much trouble and little traffic. Very surprising for a holiday weekend! Check in was a breeze because we prepaid last week.

The room was very comfortable:

CDubs had an absolute blast running all over the room:

He also climbed all over us!!

Our guests arrived and after some debate, due to 4th of July closings, we chose Chili’s for dinner. I was able to see some of the artwork Megan worked on at this event. She really is very artistic! She also did some hiking around a beautiful waterfall and took some great shots!

After dinner, we went back and got into some mischief:

In nothing but his diapers, he body slammed a giant teddy.

He also colored:

On the sheets…..

There was cuddling:


And after a lot of work, CDubs went to bed! The next morning we slept in till 9AM! After a quick for CDubs only breakfast, we got ready to leave:


Then ate breakfast at lunch at an IHOP and it was delicious!

But alas, it was time forMegan and John to go back home 😦


It was an excellent weekend!

Seriously though, John and Megan were both AMAZING with CDubs. Truly was a wonderful weekend!


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